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West Middlesex December 2012 REPORT

By the time you read this report 2012 will be finished and starting 2013, another year with fresh challenges, events, bikes to ride, repair, rebuild etc.

For our club we have seen a few changes over the year, we have lost some of what I saw as the old regulars but on the plus side we now have a core of regular attendees down the North Star which is refreshing to see.

The North Star is in a state of flux at the moment with a temporary manager running the pub and hopefully its future will be that it stays open.

Iím writing this a bit on the cuff as I have missed the last couple of reports and donít have access to my old reports as they are on my works PC which I donít have access to at the moment. We met up with Slagdyke who was over from Majorca visiting friends, it was a while back but as I remember it there was Mike, Mick, Keith, Steve, Colin and myself met up the ACE cafť (my apologies if I missed anyone). I intended to take my bike but only rode about 200yards before I realised I had a flat front tyre, I did think it was hard pushing it out of the garage, that set me back £140.

Our club AGM will be around March, no date has been set yet however if you have any ideas or suggestions for what you want to do, improvements etc then pop down the North Star on a club night or e-mail someone on the committee as soon as practicable. Mick has now received details of the 2013 Uxbridge auto show, which we will have to decide on what we want to do. It is worth looking on our club web page if intending to attend one of club nights as we sometimes opt to meet up the ACE cafť, details of our web page are in Nacelle.

Apologies again for missing the last couple of reports and a brief one for this month, Iíve had a few issues to deal with over the last while but will be back on track as we start of the New Year.


West Middlesex November 2012 Report

No Report this Month

West Middlesex October 2012 Report

No Report this Month

West Middlesex September 2012 Report

Hello all,your temporary scribe for this Month (Chairman Mick ),Bills away on his bike in Foreign lands filling his face with Paella and Sangria. We have been having  Weekly Club Night Meetings while the weather has been reasonable and attended by the usual members, would be good to see some of our unseen members if they could make it. Other than that it's been a quiet Month with some of us looking forward to the Concord Rally.

Finally the day arrived and five bikes set off together from my house,Roger,Mark,Marc with a c (don't forget), Peter Whitesocks (who happily managed the journey without damaging or setting fire to his luggage), myself and Charlotte. After a couple of showers on the M4 we turned off and used the A4 from Hungerford to Marlborough with it's wide long twists.

Steve and Brian arrived at Chippenham shortly after us then Bob and Kath who arrived in the four wheeled bike and stayed in a tent with brick walls and a roof and last but not least H who came up from Cornwall arriving at Midnight, we had all gone to sleep by then after a night in the bar. Found H the following Morning asleep in his car seat, the rest of the weekend was excellent with good weather, good company and good entertainment.

Changing the subject as Winter is coming and the clocks back soon we need a consensus on meeting nights and times, please use the Forum on the website, that also goes for any events that Club Members want to let others know about.

That's it from me now.  Mick

PS,A travelling tip. Always make sure you have enough rubber on the boot before going to Europe as tyres are twice as expensive there


West Middlesex August 2012 Report

A quieter month, with only one main event attended, which was the Triples ownersí club meet at the Greenford Motorcycle Museum. The event was held on Sunday 26th August and was well attended, with a good display of triples. There were about 12 hurricanes on display and they do look good, if I had the money I would be tempted!Not sure on the chaps name but he has welded two trident crankcases together, with an offset to create a v6 trident, if he can work out how to get everything to spin correctly and be able to handle the power it would be an absolute work of art. The welding on the crankcases and engine covers was nothing short of brilliant. I believe the engine is to be on display at the Greenford museum for the next year, itís worth a visit just to see this engine.

There is a good attendance down the club these days which is always nice to see. Sunday saw Mick, Pete and myself head down to Windsor to the Black Swan where there was suppose to be a bike gathering, may have been we were to late but there was no one there so we headed down to Newlands corner for a burger and a cup of tea to wash it all down. Afterwards it was back to Peteís for more tea before heading home.

The big event next month is the Concorde rally which is always well attended by West Middlesex TOMCC.


West Middlesex July 2012 Report

Another busy month for the club, it all started on 20 -22July where four of us attended the Beacons, TOMCC Baskerville Hall Rally. This is now a must for me, itís a fantastic location set at the top end of the Black Mountains and in the grounds of the hotel. The chuck wagon is reasonably priced with a good range of tucker available most of the time. We arrived on the Friday, set up camp, eat a bit of food and then went in for the evening entertainment, which was a live band. Saturday we went for a run into the Breacons first into the valley overlooking Penn-y-Fan then round to the Black Mountains, passed Crickhowell and round to the priory and back to camp over the pass. Weather was kind throughout the three days. On the Sunday, as the chuck wagon cook overslept (probably too much ale the night before) we stopped off at the Farmers Boy Inn on the A40 on the way home for a Steak and Ale pie, scrumptious.

On the 28th two events, Mick initially went to the Calne Bike day which is run by the Rotary club as a charity event, from there he travelled back to the Berkshire TOMCC bike show where most of our other active members headed to, and blow me if we didnít win best club turn out, things must be picking up, my thanks to all who made it happen. Must say the Berkshire boys do put on a good show.

The Uxbridge Auto show was to be another event that we attend, however due to the atrocious weather it was cancelled at the last minute.

Other stuff, Steve has now got his bonny running sweetly after months of teeth gnashing, it was mainly due to a partially blocked fuel line within the carb body. We now hope to see him driving around on the bonny grinning from ear to ear.


West Middlesex June 2012 Report

June is now over and looking back what a mixture of weather from scorching sunshine to torrential downpours, the draw of the motorbike is such that it would take something cataclysmic to stop me riding my bike, unpredictable weather is not sufficient.

The two big events this month were, Triumph day at the ACE cafe on the 10th June and the gathering at the London Motorcycle Museum on the 17th June, both very good in their own way.

Keith was up bright and early and by the time I arrived at the ACE Cafe on the 10th the Gazebo was already up complete with table and chairs, Mike was also in attendance as was Dave Porter, and Ray Semmens from the Surrey branch. As a club we had a good attendance from our regulars and I believe over the course of the day a few people said they were members of our club, it would be nice to see you now and again down the North Star, more than happy to chain Mick (our chairman) up if he gets too frisky. The day was good with warm sunshine, early on we had a group from the diplomatic/armed response police onsite, they had dropped by for breakfast, noticed Steve keeping a low profile around them! There was a good response for membership at the stand just hope they all materialise into members. I had a couple of goes at the competition to see how quickly you can change a rear wheel on a race bike, got it down to 60secs but the fastest was about 36 secs, very good, but I was being careful not to chip the paint, grease the threads, align the wheel etc. Summing up, weather, bikes and people all blended together to make a great day.

The following week was the gathering at the North Star then a run in convoy to the London Motorcycle Museum where there was music and food laid on not to mention entrance into the museum which has now been extended and well worth a visit if you have not already done so. West Middlesex did the marshalling on the run and dare I say it, was executed with military precision and went like a well oiled machine. This was not down to Mickís tactical talk earlier on but rather the enthusiasm of us all to make it go well. I nipped in quick to get food recognising that there would be a queue most of the day as people came and went. Once again another good day with everyone looking happy and enjoying the moment, bumped into quite a few people from other branches that I have met in the last year, nice to see you all. Kimberley and Natalie (Mickís daughters) dropped by to say hello and chat with us for a while. Heading west along the A40, the bike was purring like a contented puma, composed but ready to burst into life at my command, I like these reflective moments at the end of a day when all goes well.

The final event this month was Cassington, we all made our own way there in ones and twos, for all the rain this month another dry night, someone must be looking down on us. Hard to judge how many people attend these events, itís in the hundreds if not thousands, with bikes of all shapes and sizes from pristine classics to plastic rocket ships but all out enjoying the evening. Mick and I had a leisurely ride back home stopping off at the Beaconsfield services for a Latte before heading our separate ways.


West Middlesex May 2012 Report

Summer's here at last, we attended two TOMCC rallies last month. The first one was the Somerset & Dorset rally on the 12-13th May, this was their first rally and feedback from our club members was that it was good. The band was not the traditional rock but enjoyable. The second rally was the West Wales Rally held on the 18-20th May. We have attended this rally for the past two years and really enjoyed the company and atmosphere of the event, would it be better? I couldnít personally make the Rally as I was working; Mick, Mark and Peter attended from West Middlesex, en-route they picked up with Andy from North London who was also making his way there. It was also good to see Chris North from North London turn up, hopefully next year we might even see some of the Berkshire boys, they tend to be like a rash and get everywhere!

Peter in his usual dopey style didnít bungee his waterproof holdall onto his bike and when it slid over and made contact with his hot exhaust, it melted through his bag and then carried on to melt his blow up air bed, needless to say the bag is now not waterproof and his bed doesnít hold air. They bodged a fix on his air mattress for the weekend, suspect Mick did this as Pete gets real grumpy without at least 9 hours proper rest.

On the whole the venue was better than in previous years with better welfare facilities and grub. I will be there next year.

Roger has now had his hip replacement, which has gone well. When Roger was talking about it over the phone to Peter he was complaining about not being able to get ďhis leg overĒ Peter was thinking this was too much detail but on reflection he thinks Roger was referring to his bike and not Liz.

On Sat 26th May Mick and I went for a run to Hambelden (Bucks) and stopped for a tea and slice of cake in the local shop/tearoom, it was nice just soaking up the sun and watching people going about their business.


West Middlesex April 2012 Report

The wettest April in over 100 years, not good bike weather and you can't even say there was much salt to wash away. On the plus side you will be able to wash your bike as the hose ban will be lifted soon !

Mick and myself attended the National AGM held at Meriden, the last National AGM I went to was with the Ilford Branch then and a large group of us ran up ,I think it was mainly to have a tour of the factory as it was still running under the Co-Op. The AGM was well attended and I knew a few of the faces around the tables. I can always pick out the Glasgow boys by their West Coast accent compared to the softer almost bird like East Coast Fife accent.

I was sorry to hear that Bill Crosby of the London Motorcycle Museum tripped and broke his leg a while back, he has not been long out of Hospital and recovering well.Giles,Mike,Keith,Mick,Gary and myself were at his 80th birthday bash held in an annexe at the museum. I turned up a bit late to meet Geoff who is still slowly recovering from a stroke he had a while back, I hope your recovery goes well.

"H" is getting his Harley triked so he can get out and about again following his stroke last year. I have no doubt it will be a good looking bike, we hope to see "H" out and about soon, although I hope he just takes it easy initially.

Marc Eardely who has been out and about us on numerous rallies over the past few years has parted with a few pounds and joined the club, it world be nice to see you pop down the North Star once a while as you have a good sense of humour.

The TOMCC run to the London Motorcycle Museum on the 17th June is one to attend, it starts with a group run from the North Star up to the Museum where there is an excellent range of Triumphs spanning all the years, and food and drink laid on as part of the package. Please make every effort to support your Club and attend the event


West Middlesex March 2012 Report

Our AGM has now been and gone, it was a disappointing turnout, considering we have 81 members this equated to a 10% turnout. On a brighter note it was the regular members who made the effort, there are a few who work shift patterns and couldn't make it. The committee members stay as is, Mick - Chairperson, Gary - Treasurer, John - membership secretary, Amanda - Web coordinator and Bill - secretary. We will provide a list of events we intend to support/attend in the next few weeks, this will be added to as dates/details arrive.

Peter and Isobel had an impromptu BBQ on Saturday as the weather was superb, it was a real nice day/evening, there was about twelve of us, Mick, Charlotte and Peter, Isobel's and kids with associated partners. What made the night for me was watching the kids having a drinking competition, made up of cocktails of all sorts of beers, wines and spirits, they were having such a good laugh, normally they sit starring at there mobiles whilst there fingers are a blur texting, (note all the kids were 18+) Gary the manager at our meeting pub The North Star is handing back the tenancy to the brewery, what this means to us as a club is still unknown. The good weather got me out on the bike down to Peters BBQ it was a real treat, Mick was looking on with envy as he is still recovering from his foot operation. "H" has handed over his Harley to get it triked, I have no doubt it will be a good looking bike when it rolls out of the workshop. Not sure what will be "H's" first event but I think we will see him at the Concorde for sure.


West Middlesex February 2012 Report

Another quiet month, by the time this goes to press we will have had our AGM. Club nights have been quiet, what I have been impressed with is Keith's drive and enthusiasm to get things moving within the club. This year we will have a stand at the Triumph day at the ACE cafe on the 10th June.

At the AGM we will agree what events we will be looking to attend as a club, West Wales is still a hot favourite, Offas Dyke and the Berkshire show are the Triumph events I know we are looking to attend, with the possibility of the Scotland North rally at Portree being on the cards.

Started the bike last week, just waiting on the salt clearing from the roads, then I will be out and about and hope to see you all.


West Middlesex January 2012 Report

Not much to say this month, main thing is the AGM, to be held on Wed 21st March at the North Star, 20:00hrs for a 20:30 start. Please get there on time to ensure you get a seat. Things are quiet, with the artic winds keeping people indoors. Mick has had an operation on his foot, his big toe has had to be screwed to his foot and Roger is going in soon for a hip replacement, Geoff and "H" had strokes a while back. This year we are doing the Uxbridge auto show and we are looking to have a stand at Triumph day at the ACE cafe.
Meet up with Slagdyke at the ACE cafe last Sunday he was over for a function, had a few cups of coffee with him then dropped him off at Gatwick for his flight back to Majorca (how the other half live)


West Middlesex December 2011 Report

A quiet month on the bike front as most people are busy at work or getting ready for Christmas. We had a gathering of members and friends down the North Star for a bite to eat, there were 15 of us which was a good turn out. Rather than have the traditional turkey we all helped ourselves to whatever took our fancy from the menu.

For New Year Mick, Charlotte and myself went down to Cornwall to meet up with "H", following his stroke in early 2011 he has made steady progress and can now get about with the aid of a walking stick and is now getting his head around getting himself a trike.

Mick wants to do the Uxbridge Auto Show this year (Sun 15th July) and is looking to put on a display of old and modern Triumphs, if you are interested in displaying your bike from circa 10:00hrs to 15:30hrs then please let Mick know.

Our AGM will be around March this year, I will have a firm date for the next edition, please have a think of what you want from the club and any suggestions for how we can improve it, after all the club is all about the members and what we want from it.

I am also trying to pull together a calendar of events for 2012 so if you are aware of an event that some of us would be interested in attending then once again please drop me a line so I can include it in the list.


West Middlesex November 2011 Report

A very quite month with little activity on the bike front, the attendance for the bi-weekly club meetings have been ok. There has been a few good days where Mick and myself have taken a run up the ACE cafe for a munch and a glug of tea. Over the last few years we have seen the ACE cafe rebuild it's reputation as a meeting location for bikers but more importantly it's a central point for a host of different clubs covering both bike and car events.

This year we are meeting up early on the 21st December ( 19:30 for 20:00hrs) at the North Star for a bit of Christmas tucker, even if you are not a regular you will be more than welcome to drop down and say hello. It will also give us a chance to chat over what we want to do next year for runs, rallies etc.

My goal for next year is to get the T160 on the road, I have been promising myself this for at least eight years, so 2012 will see it happen. Afraid that's all folks for 2011 but from all of us at West Middlesex to the other TOMCC branches and everyone who goes on our web page a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year and hopefully our paths will cross on the highways and byways.

Buenas noches y gracias, Bill


West Middlesex October 2011 Report

A quiet month with the only real activity being the Special Meeting of the TOMCC held at Meriden on the 23rd Oct 2011. There was four of us from West Middlesex went along, Keith and Mike on their bikes and the wimps Mick and Bill in the car.

I won't go into detail on the meeting as I'm sure that there will be a summary, action points and a plan on the way forward from the National Committee. It won't be an overnight change but over the next couple of years should see positive changes that will ensure the future of the club. At the meeting there were differing views on most things, and changes won't please everyone, even within our club we have mixed views. My personal view is we need to look forward and recognise that the club's survival will be if we can attract today's Hinkley riders to join, which will bring in a younger generation and a larger footprint of motorcyclists. The Meridens still have their place but it's not as everyday transport or continental holidays, but for scratching around the A & B roads on a nice sunny day.

Another benefit from the meeting was that you get the opportunity to talk with people from other clubs, at one discussion we had John and Gillian Everall and Scott Tully from North Stafford sharing their views. I also had the chance to talk with Brian from the Glasgow Branch, his soft Scottish accent was music to my ears compared to the range of harsh English dialects, (please don't take offence its just my sense of humour, I actually quite like most of the regional dialects). The one thing that did stick out was the love of the bikes and the desire to make things work, the National committee do a fantastic job but will need our help to be successful and sometimes even if it's not what we want we do need to give it a try and trust their judgement.

The one thing that West Middlesex is good at is supporting other branches' events, last year we attended the Berkshire, Bristol, West Wales and North Wales weekend Rallies, if all the Branches supported at least 3 or 4 TOMCC events then this would support the clubs and help bond the friendships. I hope the Scottish Branches manage to do a combined camp next year, I will be there.

To finish off a quote from Charles Darwin  (1809 - 1882), ďIt is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.Ē  if you replace species with clubs we have a vision.


West Middlesex September 2011 Report

Back from doing 2000miles around Spain and Portugal, where the roads sweep up and down mountains, with panoramic views across the mountains, where the scenery changes from lush grassy slopes to almost tundra conditions. The sun beat relentlessly down for ten days and on the eleventh day it rained. I would recommend it to anyone who loves riding a bike.

On to more serious stuff, the Concorde Rally. The most organised of the TOMCC rallies that I go to, as a serious tea drinker what I do like is that they put on free tea and coffee all weekend. After a night on the Guinness and Baileys all you want is copious amounts of tea to wash the fur off your tongue. If the Bristol Branch can do this then it must be possible at other rallies.

The Concorde rally winds up the year for me and is the last rally that our Branch makes an effort to have a good turnout at. This year was no exception with nine of us making the journey, Mick, Charlotte, Peter, Isobel, Steve, Brian, Bob, Mark and Bill. Over the weekend we adopted Gary from the Yorkshire Rose Branch, he was good company and is a serious drinker. The usual Berkshire boys were there as was Chris, Andy and Dave from North London. On the Saturday we split up with Steve and Brian hitting the town for a look around and a couple of beers. The rest of us headed off to Wookey Hole to see the caves, how the caves were formed over thousands of years was interesting. Itís well worth a visit if you are in the area. The band on Saturday night was quality, playing a good range of rock and blues.

I was talking with Arthur from the Glasgow Branch, they have made a week of it taking a couple of days to come down and doing the same on the way back up to God's country. On the Saturday they went down to Stonehenge, which they really enjoyed, as the roads weaved through the countryside passing pretty thatched cottages echoing a bygone era.

Another thing I like about the Concorde Rally is that nothing was too much trouble to the staff working the bar and the chuck wagon. There was always a warm smile and the bonus they were all very attractive.

Later this month a few of us are attending the extraordinary meeting the National Committee have organised to talk with all Branches on the way forward. This is a good move in my mind as we need to recognise that the ďTimes they are a changingĒ and we need to move with the times, the new Nacelle format was the first step.

Christmas is around the corner if any club member has an idea what we do for Christmas, evening meal, ten pin bowling, go-carting, doner kebab wagon etc then please go on the website and make your suggestion on the club forum.

Keith turned up the last club night on his new Thunderbird in a beautiful red colour, it was a limited edition model and is the best looking Thunderbird I have seen. Nice one.


West Middlesex August Report 2011

Summer rolls on, there's nothing so fine as lying back in the lush green grass of a meadow and listening to the birds singing in the trees, the scent of honeysuckle being carried gently in the warm breeze, the distant roar of a Meriden  twin as it weaves it's way down a country lane, ah bliss! Then you wake up, itís been raining for days, the grass needs cutting and the bike's stripped down in the garage needing love and attention, and for the young bucks, the kids crying!

August 6th and 7th was the West London Harley owners' annual rally held at the Chiltern Sports Centre, credit to them they always put on a good show with quality bands in the evening. Mick and myself went up for the afternoon, where we met up with Amanda. The weather stayed dry for the afternoon but was always threatening to rain. Had a good conversation with a few friends who I hadnít seen for a while, Digger in particular is always full of life and optimism which leaves you feeling good at the end of a chat.

John gets out and about on his Harley a lot, and has already chalked up a significant mileage. Credit to John he did a Charity run which was from John ĎOí Groats to Lands End in a day, however with the run up there and back from Lands End, itís a journey of epic portions for most people, but a London boy! I have to take my hat off to the man.

Saw Peter at a club gathering down the North Star the other week, Isobel must have let him out to play for the evening. It was good to see you again, hope to see you more often and on the bike.

Sunday the 21st August saw Mick and myself down at Popham aerodrome for a bike show and auto jumble event. Was at this event a few years ago and was pleased to see how much it had grown. As usual the Berkshire boys were there promoting their branch, they even persuaded me to part with hard earned cash for a couple of die cast TOMCC badges, they didnít offer any discount for bulk purchases, so I still had to pay full whack for my two badges. Another club member was down at Popham but canít remember if it was Steve or Bob, sorry, I must learn to be a bit more diligent in listening and taking notes.

Iím off to Portugal on the bike next month with five Manchester lads, Steve Marston was a member of the Manchester Branch a long time ago and still has his 750 Tiger. I was up for Steveís 21st birthday and met up with a lot of the Manchester TOMCC club, after the pub we went up a quarry to carry on drinking and to eat our fish and chips. That was 33 years ago last March, donít know if any of the current members were there that night?

The next event for our club will be the Concorde Rally which I particularly like, I am hoping to see some of the Welsh contingency there as well as the usual riff raff from Berkshire, North London etc.


West Middlesex July 2011 Report

Summers now well and truly under way, last month was a feast of events and this month is just as mouth-watering.

Chinnor Bike Show run by Wycombe MAG 1st-3rd July was attended by Mick, Charlotte and Bill, Nigel's bike was also seen at the show but due to the sheer volume of people we did not bump into each other. Another good show, weather was glorious, good bands and food made for a good afternoon's outing.

Was disappointed to see that the chrome is peeling off the rear wheel on my bike, checking it out, it's as cheap to buy another wheel than to have the old one stripped and re-chromed. So have ordered the new wheel and will sort things out once it arrives. That's what you get for buying a Harley should have stuck with my Daytona 1200 as it oozed quality and power.

Next on the agenda was the West Wales' Offa's Dyke Rally, this was an "if the weathers good lets go" last minute Rally. My apologies to Roger, who expressed an interest in going, but it was all last Mick, Charlotte and Bill set off on the Saturday up the A40 rather than the motorway as we wanted to savour the run. We stopped at Longhope in Gloucestershire at a small Inn for a bite to eat and a drink, their specialities were homemade pies, I had a steak pie with a black peppercorn sauce and a puff pastry top, mmmmm! It was delicious, in all my years I have never tasted a pie so tasty, I was in heaven as the meat and pastry fused to provide a taste sensation beyond comprehension. Bellies full we headed on and reached the site in the grounds of Baskerville Hall Hotel near Ross On Wye. We bumped into the Berkshire TOMCC who have been attending the Rally for the last three years. The whole set up was good, good camping area, chuck wagon with good food and drinks at reasonable prices and friendly staff. The setting in the grounds of the hotel made me feel like Laird of the Manor, with Mick and Charlotte my serfs for the weekend. Sat night saw a band playing in the lounge area of the hotel, so had it rained there would be no problems. The end of the evening saw us gathering back around the chuck wagon for bacon rolls (plural) and mugs of tea before retiring for the night. The next day we were heading for the motorway for a quick return but not before going over a pass in the Black Mountains to catch some scenery.

The back end of July was the Berkshire TOMCC bike show/rally. Not much more to say on this other than year on year it's grown to become a premier event in the area. We had a good turnout at the event, even Bob took time out from another rally to show his face, Steve and Louie stayed for part of the evening before being whisked away by Sheila as the evening rolled on. The second band was quality, with good vocals and musical arrangements. The next morning once we had cleared the fuzz from our heads we sat down to a hearty breakfast. Going home we took a detour up to Nettlebed then down to Henley on Thames before heading home.

Next month is the West London Harley Budgie Rally which is always a good event, not sure what else is on the agenda for August.

Please note we have reverted back to meeting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month as once a month was not working for most of us.


West Middlesex May/June 2011 Report

Back in May Steve and Bob attended the National Rally, they both enjoyed the event although Iím sure I heard them say that the event the year earlier was better. I trust the National bods ask for feedback so they can improve the event year on year.

20-21st May saw Roger, Mark x2, Mick, Bob and myself of to the West Wales Gwaun Valley Rally. An excellent weekend, we attended the first rally in 2010 which saw us bonding with the West Wales club, this year it was more like old friends getting together. Friday night was a short run to the local pub where entertainment was laid on, in addition to good food and a range of ales. On the Saturday we went round to a local B&B who laid on a fantastic breakfast (which was repeated on Sunday) a real belly buster. After breakfast we went on a run around old castles. They talked us through a system of how we all keep together, after a couple of hic ups we got into the hang of things and it worked very well. The tour around castles in West Wales was very interesting with a good focus for a run, however as the miles passed by so the rain came down harder and harder, not a problem for mountain folks like myself, but alas for the Londoners used to city life it was too much, so after about 80 miles we retired to the pub for food, pool etc which was as enjoyable as being out on the bike.

We arrived back at the campsite, dripping wet, Roger, Mark and I went straight to the bar to wet the insides and dry the outsides whilst the boys went to their tents for dry clothes and a sleep. That evening once again entertainment from local musicians, the ale flowed and in between the songs you could hear peals of laughter from the different groups around the room. Then it was all over and after breakfast we split up and went our ways, Roger and Mark 1 went to see relatives whist Bob shot away and Mick, Mark 2 and myself went home via the A40. Iím already looking forward to next year, a smashing bunch of folks.

Mick, Ken (an ex member) and myself went down to see ďHĒ in Cornwall to check on his recovery progress since his stroke. Progress is slow but positive, he is chomping at the bit as he wonít be on a bike this year, but hopefully next year. Travelling back on the Friday it rained from the minute we set of till the moment we got back.

Geoff, who also suffered a stroke late last year, has now been allowed home, we all wish you a quick full recovery.

The Berkshire boys had a BBQ at the end of June, Roger and myself took a run down, a nice evening, beer was cheap and burgers at 50p a bargain. I wish I had a belly like a bear where I could store food for hibernation, I would have had ten burgers for a fiver washed down with a couple of beers for another fiver. Nigel one of West Middlesex members who I had not seen for a while was also down there, must have heard about the 50p burgers! It was good to see him, still as youthful as ever.

Coming up is the West Wycombe Mag bike show at Chinnor, a possible run to West Wales Offers Dyke Rally and finally the Berkshire TOMCC bike show at the end of the month.


West Middlesex April 2011 Report

The clubs AGM was held on Wed 13th April, attendance was down on previous years with only 8 people attending, our Chairman ďMickĒ quickly addressed all issues, the main points were that all committee posts stay as is, and that club nights will now be the first Wed of every month in an attempt to get as many people as possible for that night. It was appreciated that some of our members work a shift pattern and that at times this will be difficult. It was also discussed, and is now being implemented where we have a group e-mail so if anyone wants to organise or just to go for a run we can now send one e-mail to the group and work to the response. If you are not on the group list and want to be included then please let myself or Amanda know your details.

The Winter pool and darts competition between ourselves, West London Harley Riders MCC, the Doggs Bollocks MCC and a team from Full Bore Motorcycles in Watford has now finished. This was over three sessions and provided a good time, chance for a good drink and a catch up with the other main local bike clubs in our area. In this instance (and as in previous years) we did not win, we did fight like caged demons but alas it was not enough. Steve however did win the title of best darts player and will be financially rewarded.

This year has not been good from the point of health of our members, we have seen both Geoff and ďHĒ suffer strokes, Geoffís was the back end of last year and he had to undergo surgery on his spine, during the surgery he had to be brought back to life 5 times, he is still recuperating at a recovery unit down near Hammersmith. ďHís Ē stroke was more recent, he is down at a recovery unit near Plymouth and hopefully will be released early May. We all wish you both a full recovery.

Mick had to replace his exhaust header on his Rocket Three, during the works he has also replaced the CAT with a stainless collector box, you canít see the conversion but removes a lot of weight and it goes some way to sounding like a V Rod (still some way to go, but Mickís happy!)

Starting to see a few more bikes turn up on meeting nights, Iím always impressed with Rogersís bike, he clocks up the miles yet itís always impeccable. Been out on my bike a few times with Mick, last weekend saw us at Newlands Corner a real nice location overlooking the North Downs near Dorking. Mick took us down some real nice wooded lanes with houses from a bygone era sporadically located at the sides of the road, a wonderful afternoon.

Itís still looking good for West Middlesex to have a good turnout at the West Wales TOMCC rally, details should be in next monthís rag. As a club we will not be attending the Uxbridge Auto show however Iím sure a few members will go along for the show as itís always a good event.


West Middlesex February 2011 Report

This month has been very quiet, the weather has not been kind with biting cold winds and snow. Some of the club nights have been down to three people, not sure if we're evolving into a hibernating species or whether we just have too much to do.

Mick and I went down to Cornwall for a long weekend to see ďHĒ who has just moved into a small cottage set down a farm track, itís in a lovely setting overlooking the edge of Bodmin moor. The only trouble I have visiting people is that I eat and drink too much, but he is good company and a good time was had.

Not sure what lies in store for us next year, hopefully we will do a few more rallies and runs, we get out and about a lot but we do seem to be fragmented and do things in small groups. Perhaps the year ahead will see a change.


West Middlesex January 2011 report

Christmas is now well and truly behind us, but the cold winds and driving rain are still with us, I have been out once on my bike this year, fortunately it was the one day that the sun shone and it was good to get out and give the bike its head as we weaved our way along some B roads. I'm now looking forward to Spring, to watch the trees and hedgerows burst into colour and the nights draw out til it's still light gone 9pm.

Our Burns' Bash this year was attended by 14 people, and we were treated to a culinary delight of some of Scotland's finest food. Scotch broth, followed by haggis neeps and tatties, the main course was steak pie topped with flaky pastry, potatoes, carrots and Del Monte(?) garden peas, pudding was traditional cloutie dumpling all washed down with coffee and mints. Where I gave the toast to the haggis in traditional tongue, Isobel in her soft South African accent gave the English translation, and toasted it with the finest Jacobite whiskey.

I was saddened to hear of Geoff's spell in the hospital, we are all thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery.

It's been a quiet month all in all, this weekend we have  a pool and darts competition with a couple of other local bike clubs which is always a good afternoon and evening. One year we may win, but taking part to me is what it's all about.


West Middlesex December 2010 report

This month has been very quiet, the week before Christmas saw a good turn out at the North Star, there must have been at least a dozen of us all talking about the forthcoming holiday and what we all wished for from Santa. I'm sure Mick will get the teddy he has always longed for!

Peter has been ill for a while and couldn't make the North Star for the New Year celebrations, "H" travelled up from the West Country and is always nice to see, there was also Mick, Kimberly, Debs and myself so a reasonable turnout for the evening celebrations. I decided to stay at Mick's and drink some of his alcohol which he guards like bars of gold. The 1st of January saw us all washing our faces round Mick's house and gulping copious amounts of coffee to clear our heads, as usual "H" needed a few good prods to wake him up from his deep slumber. Once up and about was the big "weigh in", This started a year ago where Peter, Mick, H and myself agreed to each put in £50 and the person who loses the most weight as a % of their body mass pocket's the dosh. The final weigh in was to be at the Concorde Rally, but this was missed and defaulted to now. H was heavier topping the scales at just under 20 stone, I thought we might have to go to a public weigh bridge when Pete's scales groaned under the enormous load. Both Peter and Mick had lost a little, Pete's loss  was down to illness, and I don't like to say it being a modest man but I lost more than the three of them together so tucked the £150 into my empty wallet. Later that day I was a bit remorseful thinking I had been hard on them, so I treated MIck and H to a meal at the Harvester.

On a brighter note, H now goes swimming twice a week and walks the neighbours' dogs, and Mick has joined a gym, Pete is Pete. So the bet is now on for another year, same conditions but Mick and H are smarting over the loss and desperate to take their £50 off me.

Slagdyke, our ex chairman is over at the Ace Cafe on the 29th Jan for a reunion with, not sure if its the 59 club or some other rocker club, I do believe it's a seriously good night. Unfortunately it clashes with our Burns' Night Bash down the North Star, this is rather than a Christmas get together, we celebrate the life and times of the great poet Rabbie Burns.

Hoping for a good 2011, two certain dates for the year ahead are the South Wales Rally and the Concorde.


West Middlesex November 2010 report

This month started with West Middlesex driving down to Berkshire TOMCC to hear what Dave Porter had to say about Nacelle and Gaydon in 2012. I do remember it was a bitterly cold morning as I took my bike to work and then on to Berkshire in the evening. I had only done about three miles before I felt my fingers were going to snap, fortunately the evening was a bit milder and the run was enjoyable there and back. The secret to biking in the winter is to have a heated waistcoat powered from the bikes electrics, it makes biking in any weather like sitting in a hot bath. Mick didnít want me to mention that he also uses a heated jacket as he likes to maintain a tough manly exterior, where riding in any conditions is no harder than tying your shoelaces (I guess thatís why he uses Velcro instead of shoe laces)

Daveís talk that evening was interesting; I do think that hearing the views of the members is important so that what we end up with represents the views of the majority. Whatever the outcome of the magazine I think it will be a plus as I have been a member for over 30 years and I canít say I have seen much change in that time other than the prices of parts. Re Gaydon that was an emotive topic mainly because whoever went to Gaydon in 2009 was disappointed in most things, and itís clear there could be (would have to be) big improvements to have a good attendance at the next event.

On the way home from Berkshire, suffice to say once I had peeled off for the run to my house, the main group carried on up the M4 and were pulled over, made to stand in a line (head bowed) and given a stern talking to by plod for speeding. And these are the people setting the standards we want our siblings to model on!

The rest of the month was quiet, attendance down the pub has been low for the last few weeks, it was good to see Inez pop down a couple of times with Pete and Mick (Isobelís son, a strapping figure of a young man, he is South African so of good stock, but still falls short of the perfect man, the Scots or Picts). Mick is looking to get himself a bike, and Pete wetted his appetite with the range of Triumphs at Jack Lillyís.

The Sunday 14th of November saw a few of us ride down to the Bridge House pub just outside Maidenhead to meet up with the Berkshire boys & girls for a drink and munch. Mick and myself had the tastiest steak and onion sarnie Iíve had in many a year, and washed down with Guinness was sheer joy. Even getting the bike dirty was worth it for the couple hours of good company, leather seats, a log fire and excellent food. Steve turned up late as he took the wrong road and ended up in Henley on Thames before realising his error.

With this report finds us getting close to the year end, and all of us at West Middlesex wish everyone, young and old, the warmest and happiest of Christmases and look forward to meeting you all in the New Year.


West Middlesex October 2010 Report
November and winter is almost upon us, this morning I used the bike to go to work as we are running down to see the Berkshire TOMCC boys tonight. After only about 5 miles my fingers were almost falling off with the intense cold. Bad circulation and getting older doesn't help but boy was it cold.

Gary has finally come to his senses after years of riding around on Norton F1's and Indian Royal Enfield's he has purchased an early 1200 Trophy with low mileage and in superb condition. I think the 1200 four cylinder engine is one of Hinkley's finest achievements, I had a 1200 Daytona and it hasfantastic. I would still have the bike but a car driver sent it to heaven! Gary didn't stop smiling all night, but then he had a lot to smile about.

We had a good turn out at the Concorde Rally with upward of 14 members attending. I do think the Bristol Branch have hit a winning formula again with this location. Free coffee and tea all weekend, friendly courteous staff selling food and drink, and generally all round good facilities. We had no mishaps on the way, last time out on a major run Roger got a puncture on the motorway and everybody but one carried on and left Roger to fix it, just as well Rogers a placid man. Steve decided to play hide and seek at the service station when he arrived which held us back a bit, but eventually we all set off together and arrived as a unit.

"H" coming up from the West Country arrived a bit later and pretended to take a mobile call so Mick and Gerry ended putting up his tent, this was probably just as well as watching him take it down made me think he would still be there now trying to put it up if he had no help.

It was good to see a few faces I hadn't seen for a while, Nick Roberts from Richmond, Anne (our ex West Middlesex Chairlady) turned up on her 1973'ish bonnie which is still looking good. Andy and Chris from North London were about and a load of others that would take up Nacelle if I was to mention.

On the Saturday Roger and Mark went on the club run to Avebury which sounds like it was good run from the positive feedback from Roger. A group of us went on a run down to Cheddar Gorge which was a good run through lots of nice small lanes. The band on Saturday night was a stand in band and did a good job at what they did, however they did not give us the belly churning rock that we have become accustomed to. The weekend came and went with reasonable weather which is always positive. "H" proved a bit boisterous on the Sunday and once again I had to put him on the ground and give him a talking to, Isobel I am still waiting on a copy of that picture to embarrass "H" with. Peter was real grumpy about a Suzuki that parked up near Pete's bike and obscured our West Middlesex Banner, the rest of just smiled and got on with life, fortunately Isobel is a calming influence on Peter.

Sat 16th was Kempton Park and West London Harley MCC were holding a party that evening which a few of went along to, good band, nice bunch of people another good night.

Tonight we are down at Berkshire to meet up with Dave & Rita Porter + Berkshire to talk about Nacelle and Gaydon 2012, should be a good night, details next month.

Bill Dunn
West Middlesex September 2010 Report

A quieter month than last, at the back end of August saw Mick, H and myself head of too Brittany, France for a week, meeting up at Mick's on a wet Saturday morning at 6am meant the holiday could only get better. The drive down was about 550 miles which was easily gobbled up with modern machinery, at one petrol station H was so engrossed in thinking what chocky bar he was going to buy, he put the petrol trigger in his tank, stood for a few minutes went in (bought his chocky bar) paid, and then 30 miles down the road almost run out of petrol as he did all the actions but forgot to pull the petrol trigger to fill up his tank!

The rest of the week rolled by, with runs out, food and drink in copious amounts. At the site was an air hockey game and pool table, Mick ended up as the "El Supremo" of both, signs of a misspent youth! The only other problem was the failure of Mick's ignition switch on the Rocket 111. With tears welling up in his eyes, and the bottom lip trembling, I had to step in and tell him what the fix was. We are now a month on and he is still running around with the bodge, I trust this will be fixed before the Concorde Rally.

Bob has treated himself to a new Tiger, looks good and will give him years of pleasure. Bob has also been over to Belgium on his bike and a couple of other events.

John, took his Harley in for a service to his local Harley Dealer, they gave him a courtesy bike for the day. John was so impressed with the bike when he returned he not only paid for the service but crossed their palm with some more silver so he drove away with the courtesy bike, and left them his old bike, I like your style.

18th September saw a few of us down at Kempton Park to buy more bits to store in the garage for years. It's also a good social event as you bump into people from all over. In the evening was the Dogs Bollocks MCC celebrating 5 years as a club, they had an event in the afternoon which Amanda attended, then in the evening there was Amanda, Bob Steve, Mick,
Kimberly, Jenny, Debs and myself turn up to party. It was a good night, but 1am came around to fast to bring an end to the night.

The Concorde Rally is coming up, last years was a good event, this year we will have a good attendance with around a dozen of us making the weekend. A full report will come with next month's blurb. Gerry is coming along, last year she embarrassed Mick by going up to the catering area to get mugs of tea in her one piece romper suit which she sleeps in. I thought it was sweet but I couldn't convince Mick to get a matching romper suit.

The new Landlord of the North Star is now settling in and welcomes our club, which is good for all of us as we move on. Attendance fluctuates, mainly as so many of us work shifts, but we get a few people down each week, so please drop by.

Bill Dunn

West Middlesex Auguest 2010 Report

31st July saw twelve of us storm the Berkshire TOMCC bike show, the run there was delightful with Sonning being a joy to run through, it's full of character and quaintness dating back to Saxon times. The weather was kind staying dry throughout the afternoon. The event was well attended with a good range of stalls, bikes on show, beer and food. Roger, Mick Bob and myself not wanting the day to end took a detour home, riding down to Henley on Thames we peeled off to Stonor and once again ran through the lanes of the Chiltern Hills and back down through Marlow.
Friday the 6th August was Peter and Isobel's wedding with an evening of fun & frivolity down the North Star. There was a good crowd of people to celebrate the event, a good spread of food and endless music. It was good to see peoples partners turn up and join in the event. Gerry was there looking a million dollars, but by the end of the night Sambuca had taken its toll and she was down to 30 dollars (joking you were still a million dollars). Mick did a speech but was too pissed on Sambuca and kept giggling. The night was over all too soon, some of us went back to Pete's and Izzie's for coffee (Mick was still giggling) we all wish Pete and Izzie all the best for the future.


Sat 7th August saw the heavens open as we headed off to the West London Harley bash, it was more like rowing the ark than riding the bike. Debs & myself were there in plenty of time, Amanda came floating by a short time later. H and Mick made excuses of being hung over from the night before, but I'm not so sure I think the thought of riding in the rain kept them back. Dave & Sue had a stall at the event they sell 50's retro items, check out their web page by typing in "Hot Rockin". The day ended bright letting us get home dry.

Sat 14th August was a trundle down Yeovil way for Heather & Simons wedding party, having tied the knot a couple of weeks earlier. It was good to catch up with old friends going back to a time when the Wyvern Rally signalled the beginning of the Rally season. Mick, "H" Debs & myself went down, Heather & Pete Ford are still members of West Middlesex even if they now live in the West Country. Pete runs Black Dragon Motorcycles and his ability as a mechanic and engineer is almost legendary, once again check it out if needing work done on the bike. We all had a good drink and catch up before setting off home the next day. A very special thank you to Heather and Simon, we will see you soon.

Bill Dunn

West Middlesex July 2010 Report

The month gone has seen us with some of the best weather for many a full moon, even Scotland has had the odd hour of sunshine. The good weather has brought the bikes out of hibernation, and in some cases people. Last week 2mtr Pete turned up out of the blue, welcome back, your humour and warmth was missed. Len is another member who retired up North and has a 360 mile round trip when he drops by to see us, its much appreciated. It would be nice if some of our other members dropped by to say hello, even if was only to say "hi this is me", at least we could put a face to the name, and you may even like it.

We have been out and about a fair bit this month, the list of things we have done are, "but not exclusively" South London TOMCC Barbecue where Amanda won a raffle prize of a bottle of wine, which I'm sure slipped over nicely on another evening, the Busy Bee bike show, Berkshire TOMCC Barbecue where its always nice to see Doug an ex Middlesex member who defected when he relocated to Berkshire. Roger and a few of his friends did a bit of Europe visiting seven countries and 2000miles over ten days.

Finally there was Cassington night, where as a club we had our best turn out with 7 members attending. As a group we met at the services on the M40 junction 2, Mick the Chairman drifting in ten minutes or so late "again".

We set of with Amanda driving "point", the Sat nav difficult to see in the evening sunshine, this was a blessing as she veered of the motorway at Junction 5 taking us down picturesque lanes set deep in the rolling Chiltern Hills, where roads meander along the edges of fields following the paths of streams which have carved their paths through the hills over the centuries. We travelled through Ibstone, Turville (famed for the location of the Vicar of Dibley), Christmas Common, Wattlington, rejoining the M40 three miles on at Junction 6 and an hour later (but superb roads). Using my keen sense of direction and tracking skills I took over the "point" position and we finally arrived at Cassington. The village was dripping with people, bikes, burger stalls and more bikes, a real nice location with atmosphere. The event was managed by a handful of police for about 3000 people (would you see this at a football match, I think not!) The only downside to the night was Steve's bonnie breaking down on the way home, and by the time he was recovered and tucked up in bed, it was gone 3am.

Coming up is the Berkshire TOMCC bike show, followed a week later by the West London Harley bike show, both good events. As a club we were going to have a stand at the Uxbridge Auto show but due to circumstances, this has not been possible this year.

If you are wondering what is going on in the area, check out our "Bike Events" page which covers the months ahead, if you are aware of an event that you want to share or publicise then let either Amanda or myself know.


West Middlesex June 2010 report
West Middlesex 'Tigers' pay tribute to the very best landlady
having looked after us for 10 years at The North Star
Kim Parker passed away 3rd June 2010

It is with deep sorrow and a heavy heart that I have to say that Kim Parker our Landlady for over 10 years lost her fight with cancer and passed away on the 3rd of June 2010. Over the years she has been good to our club letting us have bike shows, BBQís etc at her premises, and also helping out by putting on staff to man the BBQís as required. She will be missed, but not forgotten, and there will always be a place in our heart and a warm smile when we look back over the years and reminisce over events.

Most of us have been out and about on the bikes but not in an organised club way, there is now a range of bike shows, organised runs, auto jumbles on most weekends as we formally go into summer. As a club we were looking to do the Uxbridge Auto show, however itís not looking promising through lack of response, for myself thatís not a problem as it comes just before the Berkshire TOMCC bike show and the West London Harley bike show so it gives me a chance to polish the bike and do a few chores around the house.

Mick, the Chairman is always grumbling at me when I use metric stainless bolts when doing a little custom work saying I should stick to the standard threads that Meriden used, I do have to remind him that on Meriden Triumphs there is BA, UNF, CYCLE, UNC and (BSF on early Triumphs). and now I have also found metric, the stud going into the fork slider for mounting the brake calliper is a M10 with a 1.25 pitch, enough said, he is now whimpering and licking his wounds.

Amanda is doing a terrific job of keeping our web page up to date, please have a look and give us any feedback on the webpage or join in on the club forum.

Bill Dunn.

West Middlesex May 2010 Report

A few things have gone on this month, Steve mentioned something which I've completely forgotten (sorry). Our landlord has changed, during the changeover we had one night meeting at the ACE cafe, what a night, it was a hot rod night the place was like Oxford street on the last Saturday before Christmas, superb cars on display, its well worth a visit. As it was so busy however we missed a few people who were at the ACE but never found.
"H" picked up his new Rocket Three tourer, two tone blue so its called "ORCA". With "H" on it, its like a school of whales going along.
The main event was the West Wales Rally, this was their first Rally so it was a suck it and see approach, and for myself that was what made it a little bit special. Roger, Peter & Isobel, Mark, Mick, H and myself attended. Not sure on final numbers but I guess circa 25-30 made up of Welsh, Scots a couple of South Africans and a smattering of English, the pleasure for me was seeing everyone mingling and talking with each other.

Although there was a real ale micro brewery on site, Simon laid on transport to his local which had live music laid on, did meals and the obvious "alcohol".
Saturday's run was top dollar, blue skies and very warm, good winding  roads. we headed to Wothybush airstrip for a herculean breakfast then went for a run around the coast, stopping at a few beautiful beaches/coves/harbours. I could go on and on, the run was great the views breathtaking.


The names of the places elude me they were tongue twisters, a couple of places I did recognise, Woodstock and Bethlehem. Saturday night saw us back down at Simon's local, we burst in on someone's birthday gathering and blow me if they didn't offer us a slice of birthday cake and then started chatting with us, smashing.

Rounding up a special thanks to Simon, Joanna, Martin, Clive and Bill who made it all happen, the perfect example of 'a strangers just a friend you have not yet met'. We will be back in 2011.

Bill Dunn

West Middlesex April 2010 Report
At last the sun is now beating down and life is bursting from the ground. The sound of motorbike engines is everywhere.

Various people have been out and about this month. Peter and Isobel are back from their holiday in South Africa, Roger's been at the racetrack to watch the bike racing. Last weekend saw a few of us attend the St Georges Day Hog Roast at the Greenford Motorcycle Museum run by Bill Crosby. A good turnout by West Middlesex members, Berkshire TOMCC also had a good turnout. Food, drink, people and humour in abundance a real nice lazy day sitting back in the sun watching time slowly pass by. If you haven't been to Bill's museum or haven't been for a while its well worth a visit. You get a good appreciation of the range of motorcycles Triumph has produced over the years.

Debs and myself are popping over to Majorca for a few days to see Nick (slagdyke) our ex chairman ( how the other half live)

Bill Dunn
West Middlesex March 2010 Report

Another AGM has come and gone. The turnout gets lower each year, this year saw us down to 12 members attending the AGM. We have decided to go back to meeting every Wednesday through the summer. The only other change is that Peter Sutton has stood down as Social Secretary and I have now taken on the role. I would like to give Peter thanks for all his effort and time over the years.

Steve finally thinks he has solved his problem with his bonny running erratically, hopefully we will see him out and about a lot more this year, especially as he has just had a knee operation which will give him added strength to kick the bike over.

As a club once again we are looking to have a stand at the Uxbridge Auto Show, itís a big event with a lot to see, plenty of things to munch and an excellent variety of stalls selling all sort of goodies. This year we are opening the event up to any members of other TOMCC, clubs if they want to attend on their bike. The cost is £5 per bike, which is cheaper than the entrance fee and you get to park inside the venue. If you are interested then please let me know, the date is Sunday the 17th July. I will need to have final numbers and payment by Mon 14th June.

Bill Dunn

'Tigers' 30th Birthday BBQ

I think perhaps there were more bikes than people there, can't put the bike pics on yet coz I haven't worked out how to disguise the reg plates!

West Middlesex April 2009 Report

Our first month of  attending the 1st & 3rd week in the month at the Star & have hit our first problem. There are five Wednesdays in April. Ah forward planning. So I shall turn up on the 22 & 29 & see if other confused & disorientated Triumph owners join me.

1/4 10 attended & raffle held, the usual 3 turned up after the event. You know who you are. We are trying to raise money for our 30th Birthday bash we need your money. Talking of which now is the time to suggest how &  what we are going to do to celebrate.

18/4 Amanda & Bob visited the Busy Bee bike show, a good show Iím told & of course plenty of old faces to bump into. I understand Bob partied when the band struck up.

19/4 London Motorcycle Museum held their St Georges Day dragon roast. Deb, Bill, Mick John & Garry attended & Iím told they had an agreeable day and the sun shone for them.  Glad to say Geoff has at last joined the merry throng on Wednesday evenings, he even brought along x-rays of his busted knee but I managed to miss this spectacle. I guess Brenda will have to kick over his Tiger for some time to come.

22/4 arrived & Amanda had put forward a ride to a favoured pub in Berkshire. Elvis Dave managed to join us at the Star at 7 pm & we headed off to The Dew Drop Inn. How I love these old British tricks of playing with the English language. .My S African passenger thoroughly enjoyed the ride through the villages & we even passed a church having bell practice. Very appealing. (Sorry couldnít help that). The Dew Drop Inn is a very fine pub & we ate well & found ourselves chatting to 3 gents who had arrived by hot air balloon, an interesting evening.

The same evening Mick & Bill rode out to visit the West London Harley crowd for supper. Nice to see we are getting about so early in the year.

If you have looked at our forum you will have noticed our marooned in Majorca member ranting away. Dear old Slagdyke I think he is getting worse, it must be too much sun or lack of London Pride.

White socks

West Middlesex March Report

4/3 AGM  with 17 attending, it would have been 18 but a bad cold kept me in bed shivering. The shivering was not due to the flu but fear of being voted onto something in my absence. As it was all stayed the same as it always does. One exception being our nights at The Star. As from April we are going for the 1st & 3rd  week in the month. This leaves the second week to attend The Ace Triumph Night & the 4th to follow other pursuits such as tiddly-winks or plane spotting etc. We can of course arrange a ride somewhere.

I have recently bought a nice 2005 Speedmaster for me & my passenger to tour  Scotland later this year & must say itís rather nice. The only problem with the feet sticking out the front rather then tucked behind me as on the Thunderbird Sport is that when I come to a standstill I guess I resemble a duck landing on ice, most undignified but Iím working on it. A recent sunny Sunday we took it out for a ride & stopped at a pub in Surrey, The Crown in Capel to be exact. The landlord was most friendly & has invited us all to the village classic vehicle show 15th August so put that in your diary. Talking of which I see Amanda has our calendar  looking pretty full on the web-site so there is plenty to chose from for 2009. Those without a pc can always ask for details but why donít you buy one you Ludite

 White socks

West Middlesex January Report

Another year & hoping for a decent Summer. I remember saying that last year but who knows. ( certainly not the weather forecasters). 

2008. One or two things to comment on .The well publicised  ride to Bletchley Park. This was put forward by Giles to coincide with their James Bond Day. Giles attended in his Aston Martin (naturally) with Dave riding to the Star to find he was the only person to turn up. My excuse? I was worn out after returning from the Demark Britannia Rally & the wet trip through Europe.

The September weekend in The Forest of Dean was very well attended, it was just like the good old days, even the weather was on our side.

Poor Olí Geoffís DIY disaster in October. He has really made a mess of his knee. Geoff we all hope you make a full recovery & join us soon down at the Star.

Gerry has at last passed her test & has purchased a TT 600 Special Edition. She loves it but the colour has driven Mick bananas.

The NEC was attended by Mick, Bill & H but they didnít come home with many goodies. Several of us turned up to the recent Jack Lillyís Christmas extravaganza & bumped into ex member Len who recently moved to Derby, very nice to see him again. Did he tell me he had just bought a Bonneville from Lillyís to go with his new R111. I donít suppose he would like to buy me a new  Speedmaster. Another ex member Ray was there, it surprised me as he has always, I thought favoured Meriden & even Coventry Triumphs. I was reminded that he was one of the first in the branch to buy a Hinckley back in the 90ís but a French mountain stepped out in front of him & that was the end of that. We managed to clean up in the raffle. Gerry won a fleece that she immediately gave to Mick. Is that love or what. Plus the fact of course it was 2 or 3 sizes too big for her. Ken won a book showing all the biker friendly pubs in Britain. No excuse now not to organise some Summer runs eh Ken. I managed to win a very nice disc lock that I will always (I hope) remember to remove before riding off.

Recently I took myself  to a local Toby Carvery and was happily surprised to see they had revamped & had large pictures of British companies. Triumph was included & their logo but with Meridenís in the background & in the foreground  a Norvin. Never mind itís the thought that counts.

Things to put in your little grey cells, or your 2009 diary that someone must have given you Christmas. Burns Night 24 January & most importantly AGM 4 March.

Happy New Year.

White socks

Forest of Dean Camping Weekend

Sept 2008

As we missed our camping weekend last year due to the appalling weather, we decided that it was going to happen this year come what may, the only problem was when! All the usual things, holidays, weddings, birthdays  etc, the date kept going further back in the year, finally 26 Ė 28 September was chosen.

Having camped in The Forest of Dean in September with the CSMA Motorcycle Club back in the 1990ís, I had some idea what the weather could be like but at least the site has a very good restaurant & bar to watch the rain. As it turned out we couldnít have asked for better weather (well a bit warmer at night but lets not push things).

26/9 I headed for Bill & Debs with  Roger & his son Mark with his newly acquired licence, Mick & daughter Natalie not on his usual R3 but a new R3 Touring he was running in for Jack Lillyís & Dave on his 1966 Trophy. Debs had decided to take her dog so had  inadvertently  volunteered to carry all our luggage in the car. 

As Dave was on his Meriden Trophy we had decided to leave the M4 alone & headed off to the A40 for a comfortable amble to The Rose Of England Pub to meet up with Amanda & Bob. We arrived in Parkend in brilliant Autumn sunlight & sorted out our allocated pitches. Me, near the loos for my early morning sprint, as  this place was far too posh for a handy bush. Debs had taken the M4 & arrived after some time as she had been on night shift & had through lack of sleep & possibly Frodoís map reading managed to get a little lost. Lost enough to drive 3 times over the Seven bridge. (£8)

Tents up we all headed for the bar & food. Dave was as entertaining as usual, we even had his Elvis impressions. Next morning we woke to another fine day, poor Dave & Bob had suffered a bit with the low temperature, we suggested that they shared a tent for the following night but they though better of it. Too many of us with cameras I suspect.

I had put a route together remembering roads & places from previous trips & came up with a route of about 200 miles for the Saturday run to Devils Bridge then dropping down to the panoramic Elan Dams  & gave this to those with sat-navs to help get us past Monmouth  & onto the A470. So off we rode heading for Coalford.

How things go wrong. First Mick said he needed fuel  so I diverted up a hill to the A4136, pausing for a moment as I gathered my bearings. Roger with Sat-nav  pulled alongside saying ďShall I take overĒ No problem as we would soon be on the road to Monmouth & the petrol station. Sure enough  the next junction we arrived at was the A4136. To my surprise Roger again turned left then left again & we all ended up at the junction we started at but heading in the opposite direction to Monmouth. As I realised my ride was being hi-jacked by a Sat-Nav  I waved them a fond farewell.

Not knowing my Abertillery from my Abergavenny  I dropped too far South but found some very rideable roads. Stopping at New Bridge for a pub lunch beside the River Usk we met the usual ex Triumph owner who reminisced about his younger days. Back on the road  I found my way to the dams & my passenger Isobel who has never visited Wales thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, stopping the bike to take photoís every few miles we eventually arrived at the Elan Visitors Centre for tea & buns. Realising it would start getting chilly when the sun set  & possibly a 2 hour ride to the camp site I headed back. Oh well there is always another year for Devils Bridge.

Arriving at the site we found Debs just back from walking Frodoís legs off, & headed for the bar &  food. The others arriving about 2 hours later having found the dams but somehow we never met up.

Next morning we were up early & so were the midges, we had been their favourite blood bank all weekend, even Bills strong Scottish anti midge roll on didnít put off the Dean Forest monsters. Bikes & car packed we headed off to Symonds Yat for lunch & found just enough space for our bikes in front of The Saracens Head pub. Of course Amanda & her combo was the centre of attraction with all the tourists. After lunch we headed home along the A40. I think the weekend was a great success and looking forward to next year's.

White Socks

West Middlesex Summer Report 2008

14/8 I met up with Mick & Gerry for the ride to Harwich for the overnight ferry to Denmark to attend  Triumphís 18th Britannia Rally. What a very unseasonable day it was too, with plenty of the grey stuff in the air & blustery winds that buffeted my Thunderbird Sport all along the motorway. We arrived at Harwich with time for some late lunch before boarding the ferry. My thoughts were of our first trip to the Britannia with 13 riders & passengers, how things have changed over the past few years with just 3 members going out. The good thing was that I had a cabin all to myself so there was only my own snoring to put up with.

The usual securing of the bikes with straps is always a struggle but this time I was told by a very large Swedish Hog rider that I had taken his straps although there were plenty further along the rack, I decided that he was rather  too large to argue with. That over we enjoyed the rest of our stay with DFS but noticed how much the food/drink prices had risen. Oh yes for those on the first trip, Manuel was still on board but I managed to avoid him.

Leaving the boat the next morning we headed for Rodkjaersbro. Arriving at The Jolly Roger Club House we found some of the British contingent had their tents in place & very pleased to see them too, as they are all good company. The Danes as usual were most hospitable & I am still most envious of their club and itís surroundings and wonder why TOMCC have never attempted this.

The weekend was itís usual good humoured & entertaining affair that sped by far too fast.  I must mention the couple from Finland who always turn out for this Rally, they won the longest distance award covering over 1000 kilometres  on their 70ís Bonneville. Just before they departed on Sunday we chatted & was  asked  if I was attending the Bonneville Rally next year, I am, so was told ďsee you thereĒ.  Soon he was kicking his bike over and as I walked away Gerry shouted ďHeís on fire!Ē, turning round I saw flames shooting out from under the Bonnies' carbs & the Finn's right  leg on fire,  Keystone Cops come to mind as several of us ran from pond to bike with anything that could carry water, soon  rider & bike's flames were extinguished. ďIt will startĒ said the Finn & he was right, a few prods on the kick-start  he & wife were on their way. Later, as we departed I did see them having the electrics gaffer taped by the Danes & hoped their long journey home was without further incident.

We spent the next few days touring round but the bad weather in Germany had us returning West. Incidentally Roger had headed for Italy with a few friends at this time   they also gave up due to the bad weather. Iím beginning to wonder if dry Summers are going to be a thing of the past. At least we found some very good biker sites,  Germany (Nottuln-Appelhulsen) a biker friendly B&B with  quirky Gothic dťcor.  De Toerstop near Venlo, Holland, with its large bar. We also managed to find a very interesting & moving WW2 Museum nearby commemorating the little known but important Battle of Overloon.

In Belgium we stayed at the Old Timer Motorcycle Museum in  Zandefoort with itís dormitories  restaurant & bar. The Museum has a very interesting collection of European Motorcycles. Also guests bikes are parked inside away from the elements. Well worth a visit if you're in the area. Next day a quick ride to Dunkirk & ferry home & my comfortable bed

White Socks

West Middlesex July 2008 Report

There has been little to report over the last few months what with the indifferent weather & some of us without bikes to go out on. Not that there hasnít been bikes parked outside The Star on a Wednesday night even a few runs & trips to the Ace.

There was a darts & pool match at the Star with West London Harley & sad to say we were annihilated, one even walked away with the raffle winnings just to add insult to injury, but a good night all the same.  

22/6 Amanda & Giles attended the Banbury Run. Some fantastic bikes on display as usual but the very windy weather had a few of the parked bikes over. Amanda was happy she has a third wheel.

more pics of Banbury Run on 'Events' page

5/7 Bill & Debs met up with Bob, Graham with Carol & Amanda with Andre for the Chinnor Bike Show & found it a bit low key compared to previous years. Chairman Mick had a lucky find on e-bay so gave Chinnor a miss & headed for Liverpool where he had won a rear end for an R3 including the tyre. Bill quipped that the rest of the bike is probably propped up on bricks & on police files, but Iím sure such things donít happen like that in Liverpool. Amanda also made it to the Busy Bee later that day.

Crowd at Busy Bee Bike Show.

Recently Bill & Debs whilst on holiday in Scotland met by chance two Manchester TOMCC members Paul & Sylvia, heading for Ullapool & Scotland Northís Summer Rally.  Bill says they had a good night together in a local & naturally, during the wining & dining they put the world to rights. Sadly as usual there wasnít an MP within earshot.

12/7 I rode with Ken & his son Patrick to Slough to visit MAGS Bike Show. Weather was fine & some interesting bikes on display including an R3 with thousands spent on itís customising. It looked as if it was going to be a good show with band & bar but we couldnít stay long.

On the ride home we glimpsed Mick riding a brand new Sprint. Now what was he doing on that? My Thunderbird Sport has new sprockets & chain, & has passed itís MOT & is ready for the trip to the Denmark Rally in August. Speaking of which, Garry Perkins TOMCC ILO phoned recently regarding the Rally & our trip into Germany. Thanks for the interest and looking forward to meeting you in person.

Our weekend in the Forest of Dean 26-28/9 is now arranged & I have found a very good camp site. Lets hope the Autumn weather will be kind to us

White Socks.

West Middlesex April 2008 Report

The mists of winter are slowly receding from the sleepy hollow that is Iver & Whitesocks now feels the urge to put fingers to key-board again not that there wasnít any activity down at the Star on Wednesday nights,  far from it. There has even been a few Triumphs parked outside, more often then not Lens Tiger well done to him.

Our Burns night went with jollity, Bill addressed the Haggis as usual, still didnít understand a word of it but the 30 or so in attendance clapped & swigged the ďwee dramĒ in appreciation.

5/3 AGM was attended by just 12 members this year down 5 from last year but never mind eh! Usual crew were voted in with only one exception, Roger has stepped down as Web Master & Amanda is now in control of our site. Many thanks to Roger for his work in the past & of course his Son Mark for the superb work in putting the site together in the first place.
Gary the treasurer let us know that we are still solvent & John has made sure our membership doesnít go adrift as it did last year. It was decided that after last years turnout at the Uxbridge Show (our showcase) was to say the least pretty pitiful & the hard work 2 & half metre Peter put into our display far exceeded the members that attended with their bikes. Chairman Mick suggested that there will be a poll as to who will attend & if the numbers are too low we shall vote not to spend the money on a pitch.  Moan Over. 

Egg run to the Heathrow Special Needs Farm was cancelled. This was due to the farms new management deciding to close at weekends. Kirsty the farm manager was very upset about the decision & remembers us turning up each year with eggs & a very welcome cheque and the excitement amongst the youngsters leading up to our visit. Oh well did I say moan over, the only silver lining so to speak was the date 16 March it poured all day.

Rides & rallies are now being put together, it has been decided that the Thunderbird is going to be attended this year & not before time says I.

Roger & I have tickets for the British Superbike at Brands in May & many suggestions of trips are being suggested. The Denmark rally is also on Mickís list & will be extended for a week taking in bikerís sites in Denmark & Germany. Mick is busy putting the tour together as I write so it only needs you for the final ingredient.

. 2 West London Harley Riders made us a visit & promptly one of them won our raffle. They are arranging a return night of pool & darts so get your best arm fettled folks.

20/4 the London Motorcycle Museum held their St Georges Day Hog Roast. Steve & I attended & can say it was very tasty thanks to Philipa & crews endeavours. We also bumped into Dee & friends from the N London Branch nice to see them again.   

White socks.

West Middlesex December 2007 Report

I shall start this report by rectifying an omission in the last report that Bills Harley won (all together boys & girls) best non British in the Berkshire branch show. So both he & Amanda took home a goody. Not that Bill insisted that I mentioned this but I was very impressed that he could lift me off my feet by the throat with only one hand. The water logged summer had kept two wheeled things a bit lacking but there has been biking moments. The ride to the Danish Rally in August, Roger had a thrash around Europe on his new Tiger. & I managed to not go to the West Sussex Show due to mislaying my wallet & the weather that weekend was glorious. Doh!

Mick & Gerry joined the throng at the Ace & rode with Riders Connect to deliver a petition to Whitehall against the proposed congestion charge for motorcycles. Later that evening we met up at the Star to watch the Rugby & Gerry managed to hiss Mick off by still waving the St Georges Flag that she had taken on the ride as South African born Mick cheered on his side to victory in the semi finals. Mick also attended the Rocket Run with about 80 other R3ís riding from Hinckley to the Ace, a sight I would have loved to have seen. Our annual camping weekend didnít happen this year but there is always next year.   The web-site has been updated & policed by Roger & reading Amandaís account of our first trip to Denmark I found it as entertaining as the first time with the photoís helping to tell the tale. Roger also added the account of my trip to Knysna with the Cape Town Triumph club, certainly the motorcycling highlight of 2007 for me. Sad news from Peter the pencil, his eldest daughter had a job change recently & was a bit evasive in telling him where she was working. Eventually she admitted that it was at Harley Davidsonís offices in Richmond well we all know his thoughts regarding the marquee. His verbal reply of ďIíd rather you had told me you were a prostituteĒ didnít go down too well. Mrs P has banished him from the house & a bit further then the garage I gather. 
2008 will bring us to our Burns night dinner in January & the AGM possibly to be held the first Wednesday in March I hope by then you all will be brimming with ideas for the coming year. Mick has suggested a few activities for the winter; bowling for example just to keep the team spirit from flagging.

I now like wish us all a Merry Christmas & a happy biking or otherwise New Year.

White socks

West Middlesex September Report 2007

For those paying attention you may have missed the August report the reason for this is there wasnít one. The Berkshire show was well attended Iím told. I was at work though did manage an hour around five in the afternoon to find only Amanda sipping wine & chatting with Dee from NW London. Amandaís R3 Outfit had picked up a prize for ďBest Special.Ē  August has seen Giles & Amanda representing us at the MSL BBQ where Giles won Best Unit for his Hurricane & later in the month picking up ďBest in ShowĒ with the Hurricane at the Bezumph. Amanda rode over to Ireland for a week, canít remember if she said it rained but it probably did. Amanda also represented us in Birmingham at Ryan's Ride 2007, it was a camping rally 3/5 Aug, in support of teenagers with cancer, the ride is to help inject a bit of fun into the victims lives. She was part of the team of bikes carrying friends and family of the deceased victim which the ride has been named after. Leading the Saturday ride from Birmingham, to Bourton on the Water, & shook some charity buckets at the public. The last she heard theyíd raised close to £5000 and money is still coming in. There have been a few Wednesday runs but this damp & dire summer has kept things to a minimum. A big surprise was one Wednesday Pete turned up on a bike, not his Triumph but a rather nice Norton Commando. Still it was good to see it before his move up north. Bill has had the bad luck of having another accident. Travelling down a country lane, he met some young gents in a 4x4, no contact with the vehicle but his Harley appears to be an insurance write off after hitting the tarmac. The driver explained that 4x4ís are allowed to use the entire width of the road due to its size. Well thatís all right then, at least us on 2 wheels can apologise now for being in their way. This comment apparently was made in front of a Copper, he wasnít impressed. Mick & girlfriend Gerry & I did the Denmark Rally, this time riding from the Hook of Holland, 500 miles in mostly torrential rain, every time we stopped for a fill up the rain clouds caught up with us & gave us some more, One strange moment, I guess the sun was behind us, all the vehicles spray turned into rainbows,   I was just into the second verse of Strawberry Fields when I was brought back to reality with a wall of STOP lights. Reaching the site we set camp & headed for the clubhouse & meet up with friends from the UK & other European places. A special thanks to Andy from N London who kindly mentioned that he read my monthly  reports, thanks Andy that makes at least 2 of us. The Danish crew laid on a superb weekend as usual, I really wish we could do likewise. Well done to you all. We will be back. Leaving Denmark we headed off to Germany staying the night in a bikerís hostel called Bikers Farm. If you are going to tour Europe we can recommend it. Mick & I are putting it on our list for next yearís tour. We hope you will join us.
The next day the rain persisted most of the way back to the Hook but at least the following mornings ride from Harwich was in the dry. A big welcome to new member Andy & his Speed Triple, I hope you enjoy our company. Lastly Roger asks yet again; send a picture of yourself with your bike, so he can  add them to the web-site

White socks.

West Middlesex July Report 2007

22/6 After promising myself to take the Bonneville to the Concorde this year I awoke to find strong westerly winds with squally showers had me plumping for the Thunderbird Sport. Journey over I arrived to find I was one of the first to arrive. Checking in done & usual struggle with the tent I waited for the W Midd contingency to arrive. Only 6 of us this year & the overall turnout was down on most years.Was it the change of date that caused this, they neednít have worried about missing the bad weather it was as bad as most years but with more daylight. Friday night went quietly enough & after a restful Saturday morning we mustered enough willpower to  head off to Bath. Finding motorcycle parking bays full we soon headed out & ended up in a pub beside the Racecourse on the top of the Downs followed by a sunny ride with spectacular views back to Keynsham.  That evening we wandered off to a local restaurant that had a few of the ďborn to ride hate to walkĒ amongst us complaining about the distance, but after a very good meal I was exonerated. Rough Justice were already playing when we arrived back & as always glad to hear them we headed for the bar. Later it was awards time & guess what! Bill didnít win best anything but glad to say Best Custom still went to one of us, ďHĒ was awarded first prize for his personalised Speedmaster. Later that evening I won a raffle prize a beautifully illustrated Harley sweatshirt only to find it was XXL2 so H got that too. Oh! And odd thing happened. They had laid on a special urinal just for Chairman Mick most impressed he was too. Sunday it was raining but Bob was up with the lark & on his way by nine. In between showers we managed to pack away & on the road following the cloudbursts all the way home. Many Thanks Bristol TOMCC I think that your new venue is fine. The Ace has been visited on the second Wednesday of the month by some & a few rides out have been made but nothing co-ordinated as far as I know so nothing to report here.

Uxbridge Show. Two & half metre Peter yet again excelled with our display &  junior member Patrick did a good job selling raffle tickets for the fantastic selection of prizes that Pete had collected for our charity Heathrow special needs Farm. In all £118 was collected. Amandaís R3 outfit was one of our main attractions with many questions asked, & many thanks to Gary for bringing along some of the London Motorcycle Museums collection. Well done all that found time to attend.

White socks.

West Middlesex June Report 2007

/6 Several of us joined up for the Triumph day down at the Ace, Loads of Triumphs old & new packed the car park. Two R3ís with enough accessories & customised paintwork to break most peopleís banks but what an eyeful. Bumped into many tomcc members including Dee from NW London busy as always promoting charities & club events, she even promised to fit in our BBQ  the following Wednesday.

13/6 It was decided at our recent AGM to invite our non attending members to a BBQ. After much consideration 13 of June was chosen as we must have known it was going to rain on that day. I also forgot it was my daughters18th Birthday (that didnít go down too well) I had sent off 56 invites & several replied in the affirmative. On the day 20 people attended as well as persistent rain. Did we achieve our goal? Not quite perhaps but Dee & Bernard from N London arrived as promised. Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes. Our usual raffle was swelled at least, well would have been. Every Wednesday a certain member whom I wonít name always parts grudgingly with his pound coin & insists he has the winning number, yep same story that evening

& of course he called out he was the winner. As a few people had left I had the ticket re-drawn & a winner chosen I parted with half the takings. Later Gary the Treasurer took me to one side & explained that he, who I wonít name really did have the first winning ticket, so with a tear in my eye I parted with the rest of the takings.

20/6 Meeting up with Roger, Ken & Steve at the Star we headed off to Bills house where Mick & Gerry were waiting, Heading off into the dazzling setting  sunlight we had to pick out the road humps apart from the usual road hazards, my front wheel catching a bump at an awkward  angle & causing a bit of a wobble. My! Would I really like to have a brief chat with one of the speed obsessed creatures that are determined to ďcalm us.Ē Reaching the Plough at Casden we were greeted by Nigel, so fair turnout for a Wednesday evening run. There was plenty of very interesting & well groomed British bikes on display. This show is well worth a visit if you have never attended. & the Plough is located in very pleasant countryside. Trophies handed out & Oh yes (all together) Billís Harley won Best post 72. I have decided to take the Bonnie to the Concorde Rally this weekend so took it out for an hour or so, only to find on my return that the rear light lens had fallen off. With the Hinckley I just donít go round with spanners & screw-drivers that often, I should have remembered.

White socks

West Middlesex May Report 2007

Early this month Roger became the proud owner of a new Hinckley Tiger the first in our club & very fitting as we are the W Middlesex Tigers you know. It even boasts ABS & is a lovely shade of blue. Thereís no stopping our Rog when he has the bit between his teeth. So making space in his garage meant selling his Silver Jubilee & even his trusty Thunderbird. The Jubilee went via e-bay & the Tíbird well; Roger just happened to be looking in a bike magazine when he came upon an advert from a fellow in Wales wanting a green & cream model with all the touring bits. Was that his lucky day or what?

9/5. As we had decided at our AGM to ride to the ACE for their Triumph nights on the second Wednesday of the month or anywhere for that matter, overturning a decision made a previous year to always be at the Star every Wednesday evening in case a prospective new member turned up. I was on late shift so this is hearsay; Roger arrived on his Tiger finding Mick on his Bonnie & Ken & Amanda in cars (due to the dodgy weather report for later that evening). Amanda immediately found she had flattened her cars battery so waited for the breakdown. Off went the motley crew to what turned out to be a quiet evening at the ACE. Oh & guess what, the following week we were told that a stranger had arrived on a Triumph saw no bikes around & departed Ho-hum.

12/5 Jack Lillyís Classic weekend managing to clash with Kempton Park had Roger & me meeting up with Bill, Mick & Gerry in very damp weather indeed, annoying as I had taxed the Bonnie & managed to remove the gum from the carbs also dressed accordingly as JLís wanted classic clothing etc all hidden under waterproofs. Well a washout indeed in more ways then one as JLís main event was to be the Sunday so no trade stands or band, even the hot dog stall closed as we arrived. Well at least the Bonnie is running & I hope to take it to the Concorde this year.

13/6 The invites are out for our BBQ so hope to see you at The Star. This causing yet again the annual search for the ghetto blaster, who has it this time?

The weekend in the New Forest has now been moved to September this was carried by vote
So it gives me a bit of time to sort out the trailer tent, BBQ and all other bits for this fun weekend.
Club Merchandise The new machine badges Silvia sent the branch were snapped up.
Steve is looking into a new outlet for our popular bomber jackets & Iím investigating a source for a new design for a Sweatshirt.

White socks.

West Middlesex November Report 2006

Now hereís a strange story. Bill was on his way home recently one evening when he decided it was time to fill up & pulled into his local garage. Starting the Daytona he headed for home only to get 100 yards or so. The triple stuttered to a halt. Now BillĎs

Oh so shiny bikes donít stutter to a halt & later the breakdown man pointed out neither do Triumphs run on diesel. The past year has been a bit like that for this branch, some shiny bits & some not so shiny bits. We have had a few good rallies, not enough as far as Iím concerned but thatís my opinion. The trip to Spain & France greatly anticipated nearly came to a dreadful end near the Millau Bridge, & taught us a lesson as far as being prepared for emergencies. Three bikes this year in total have had close encounters with the tarmac and made us a little unpopular with the Insurers. New Members have joined Mike, Steve, & lately Ray Welcome to you. Ray actually owns a Tiger so at last we have a Hinckley to go with Geoffís Meriden. & the Star now has junior Tigers joining their Dads, not on bikes yet, but a family atmosphere has come about. We have given to MCNs Riders for Health as well as Heathrow Special Needs Farm (Spelthorne Farm). Amanda has her R3 Outfit and the reversing

Mechanism has now been fitted.

There has been landmark Birthdays for two of us 60 & 50 & the West Midders have joined in the celebrations. Next Year lots more of the shiny bits please. Starting with;

Burns Night 27th January & Our AGM 28th February to name but two.

Merry Christmas to us all & a Happy New Year.

White socks

West Middlesex October Report 2006

29/9. Due to my family holiday I was down to miss this years Concorde Rally, but with a bit of horse trading we arrived back in Blighty in the early hours of Friday morning, A few hours sleep, clothes (wearable) are repacked this time into the throwovers & a late afternoon meeting at the Star with Mick & Graham, followed by a rush hour ride along the M4 Ė 5 in rain squalls that promised to carry on throughout the weekend. Erecting tents in the dark is great fun & Iím grateful for those W Midders who had arrived earlier helping with torches. Ed was next to turn up thanks to his mother bringing him down by car. Mallet & Kas were very happy to see him as he had promised them a loan of a tent; they had ridden from Dover after returning that morning from a tour of Europe. A talk with Ed & Mum Ruth had me up to date with Nickís progress & his repatriation from the French Hospital to one closer to home. A quick burger from the chuck wagon had me ready for the bar, & personally speaking wasnít I glad that this year there wasnít a heavy metal band booked for Friday night.

Saturday & breakfast eaten I watched through the pouring rain two Triumph riders booking in & realised it was John & Sonia Young, Now if you have read our web-sites guest page recently  you couldnít help but notice the light hearted row between John & Kiwi Graham so I just had to introduce them to each other. Later that day they settled their differences over a game of pool. John was riding his new purchase a Williams Renegade that he had rescued from a ďcouple of thousand dry milesĒ owner. Glad to see you using it as it should be used John. The Saturdayís rain carried on but whatís the point of going somewhere just to hide in the tent. So we decided on a ride out to Cheddar Gorge for a pub lunch & we were happy to notice that the clouds ran out of water. We were accompanied by our old friend Andy Pyle from N London also Dave from Manchester. Saturday nights band the fantastic ďRough JusticeĒ played most of the evening but not before the massed gazooís of the W Midders treated me to a rendition of Happy Birthday, I was touched to say the least gang. Yes touched is the word, the following round cost me £25. Raffle & awards time & Mallet & Kass won longest distance; the judges wouldnít count the trip from Europe but judged their home in Beverly would count. Debs & Bill were awarded for winning the survival game held earlier that day & W Middlesex won best club turnout for a second year. Further music from Rough Justice & alcohol tempted many on to the dance floor till evenings end. Sunday morning & didnít it rain, there was just a gap long enough to pack away the tent & the journey home was via the A303 as the M5 was at a standstill due to flooding. getting slightly lost we found ourselves in Burrington Gorge in a thunderstorm, the road soon became a river full of boulders & other flotsam, quiet scary, I remembered that the hymn Rock of Ages was penned there very apt. Finishing on a personal note The following Wednesdays club night I found family & friends gathered to celebrate my birthday, many thanks to you all. I had no idea, & the best bit was seeing Nick, he had managed to wangle leave from the hospital to join us.

White socks.

West Middlesex September Report 2006

1/9 Had long last arrived; luggage & daughter Inez perched on the Thunderbird Sport & off to Portsmouth or more exact Fleet Services on the M3 to meet up with 9 other W Midders heading for Balboa. 80 or so miles later the bikes were being tied down with rope over a couple of large cushions, our prayers for a smooth crossing were answered. I presume P&O know what theyíre doing as far as stowing motorcycles safely. 36 hours later the port of Balboa & off we rolled, ok in the wrong direction for a short time but I guess even GPS instructions may be a little vague & it was early. This was the first long journey Nick had made with his new R3 & recently repaired wrist but he kept the pace brisk as we covered the miles to our first destination Lleida 130 miles or so short of Barcelona. Now I canít write word for word in this report the happenings over those ten days so I shall mention briefly events that will stay with me. Barcelona & Guadiís spectacular Cathedral, & how many years have gone by & still incomplete. Bobís Harris Bonnie rebuild couldnít take this long. The night ride back to Lleida, with an over tired lorry driver nearly taking two & a half metre Peter through the central reservation. The following dayís spectacular ride across the Pyrenees & the sweet cool air as we rode through Andorra to Toulouse. The hunt for F1 Hotels even with them logged in the GPS turning into a tournament with the local traffic as we circled round & round.

Following Bill I wonder at the width of his panniers as he expertly rode his beautiful Harley. My daughter had abandoned me & my Thunderbird when we reached Balboa for the comfort of Mickís R3 & never returned, thatís kids for you but for her first long distance ride she stayed the course without a murmur. The 135 mile ride from Toulouse to the spectacular 980 foot high Millau Bridge, what a site & well worth the excursion or was it. The crash still within site of the bridge, both rider & passenger hospitalised, R3 destroyed, this should not have happened. After the hospital, the long ride back to Toulouse not reaching the hotel till after midnight. Next day Bordeaux, followed by a couple of days for some of us with Rogersís friends Andrew & Liz in their farmhouse near Rochelle, whilst the others headed for Nickís sister-in-laws.  Highlight for me was assisting with Andrews grape pressing, sampling as we went wines made from different grapes & blends, dozing in a hammock as ducks quack noisily around me. Oh & Lizís cooking. I think I gained several pounds in those two days. Meeting up with the others as we head for Cherbourg we are eager for news of the injured. Passenger, leg injuries (not serious).Rider head injuries & still in a coma. Other things come to mind like riding alongside Amanda as she led the column & me pointing to my tank indicating that it needed filling only to see her R3 combo accelerate in a cloud of dust. Amanda telling me later that she thought I was saying go faster, hmm.  Talking of petrol the after hours service or lack of regarding filling stations, French credit cards only, twice this trip we had to rely on kind locals assisting us with filling the tanks. Oh & Gilesís black Triumph with a horizontal opposed engine. Giles it was a BMW wasnít it, you had stuck Triumph stickers on the tank hadnít you!

The last leg from Pool to home in the early hours of Monday morning. As I lock the Thunderbird I notice 1857 miles recorded. Will my daughter come with us again next year Oh yes she says but you need a better saddle & a back rest though.

 White socks.

West Middlesex August 2006 Report

21/7 Trailer tent hitched to the car & off to The New Forest for our annual camping weekend, some of the W Midders had already arrived so help was at hand with setting up the tent. Chairman Mick had given R3-less Nick his very large family tent & the Plaster of Paris boys Nick & Bob had managed to do a fine job erecting it. Not that Mick could get into the tent when he arrived as Nick had parked his car in it. Oh jolly japes. I had Rogers tent & we placed that as far away as possible as I remembered quiet clearly the nocturnal noises from previous years. Now how to keep away from Peter the Pencil? As the day progressed the temperature rose & hot steamy motorcyclists arrived keeping the White socks kitchen busy handing out tea to the parched. I was accompanied this year by my two daughters & as it turned out they thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Mick also brought along one of his daughters so more female company for Debs & Amanda. Whilst on the subject Amanda is still waiting for a reversing mechanism for her R3 outfit but is nevertheless enjoying her rides around the highways & byways apart from one experience when on a hot July day she realised that her blouse had ridden up to her armpits, we donít know how this effected the oncoming drivers.

The weekends excessive heat ended with a bang midday Saturday, whilst we were out sightseeing  the heavens opened & the underdressed motorcyclists amongst us were in for a soaking, finding a car park we watched Amanda  sit it out on her outfit, we in the comfort of our cars admiring her fortitude. When the rain slowed to a downpour we assisted and off we all went to lunch. Noticing Amandaís lips were going a bit blue we asked for black bin liners & dressed her in these in an attempt to keep her warm for the journey back to the camp site. Did anyone take photos?  The New Forest experience was enjoyed by all & thanks to those whom cooked & toiled for our enjoyment. One last thought. How did Chris & his son fit into that very small tent?

 5/8 Two events to enjoy, the W London Harley Riders Bike Show or in my case, I joined Nigel at West Sussex TOMCCís excellent Bike Show & Rally. I stayed the night & was entertained by the sounds of Mad Max & taste of excellent local ales. Nick was going to join us on his new R3 (did he say he was going to buy one) but realised that he was pushing his luck & wrist a bit too far. The following Monday he was seen at the Ace Cafť with Mick & complained that the plaster was restricting his throttle hand. Shocked onlookers watched as Mick secured Nicks arm across the table & with the saw attachment of his trusty pocket knife modified Nicks wrist plaster until operation of the R3ís controls was attained with some comfort, needless to say at the hospital later that week the surgeon was not so impressed.

Bob has decided his Legend is far from written off & has started its rehab. Is that three screens so far Bob?  

We have new member Steve & his Hinckley Bonnie. Hope you enjoy our company.

White Socks.

West Middlesex July 2006 Report

28/6 Ride to the West London Harley Riders for a return match of pool & darts, Harleyís 0 Triumph 4. A great Score if you include bouncing riders & bikes as part of the game. I was riding about a hundred feet behind Nick & Mike when they disappeared around a bend on a hill. When I rounded the bend I was hit in the eyes by evening sunlight but what was silhouetted was an R3 sliding left & right & finally hitting the deck ending its slide under the rear of a car parked in the middle of the road.  I also noticed a Hinckley Bonneville heading towards the bushes to the cars left. Stopping I watched or perhaps helped Nick crawl out from under his R3. Why had the car driver parked in the middle of the road? Another100 feet or so along the road I saw Chairman Mick helping Kiwi Heather & Ogri Bob from the bushes. The car driver had seen the Legend end its journey & thought he would stop with hazard lights flashing as a warning, sadly he was far too close to the exit of the blind bend. Ambulance & Police contacted & soon my damaged friends were carted off to hospital. Mick also called the breakdown & after a commendable short wait a van arrived & wreckage removed. Outcome of all this! Nick has a broken wrist & ribs Bob a broken collarbone, foot & ribs. Heather a broken hand. Both R3 & Legend written off. We had pulled Mikes Bonnie from the hedgerow & later I rode home with him along the A40 but we havenít seen him since. ďCome on Mike I know you have just come back to us but honest we donít do this oftenĒ. 

Roger & son Mark made it to the Chinnor MAG Show, a good show but it clashed with the England game.

4/7 This should have been a run to MSLís Bike Show & BBQ but Roger decided to hold a BBQ at his home to accommodate our convalescents to be ferried in. I rode to Rogers by bicycle; I canít remember the journey home but what a great evening, a perfect tonic. Thanks Roger.

16/7 Uxbridge Auto Show. Two & half metre Peter volunteered to organise this & what a job he did. Wow! He was admirably helped by Chris our resident carpenter who made stands for our picture frames.

Gary loaded up his van with exhibits from the London Motor cycle Museum. Did his dad notice? Duncan defying his broken leg. (See last months report) had managed a first class job with our new banner & it was ready for collection on the 11th hour. For the raffle Peteís company had donated a magnum of Champaign and more, & Kim threw in  a dinner for two at the North Star. Proceeds all going to the Spelthorne Farm which will be £71 better off. What a comparison our efforts were to our immediate neighbours The LE Vellocette Club, 6 bikes in the middle of the plot all access roped off & members in a gazebo well away from the public ignoring all that ventured near. I thank the Lord that I bought a Triumph.

May I pass Chairman Mickís thanks to all that participated on this extremely hot July day.

White socks

West Middlesex June 2006 Report

3/6 A chance mention on our web-site about a trip to the New Forest to book our site for 21-23 July had a lapsed member waiting for the off  when I met up with Mick & Nick on their R3ís Welcome back Mike I hope you enjoy more runs with us. This brings me to wonder how many others are out there looking at our site & perhaps we should make more use of the guest page regarding rides instead of communiquťs between the Smirfs or whatever they call themselves. The run down was in bright & warm sunshine thoroughly enjoyed by at least me after the chilly start to the year. Outcome, 14 pitches booked. So roll up folks if you donít want to be disappointed. Mind you by the time this reaches you in Nacelle it will almost be upon us.

11/6 Triumph Day at the Ace Cafť. This had a dozen members & friends meeting up at StarviníMarvinís, an American style diner opposite the Hoover building on the A40. Thanks for that one Howard.  The air-conditioning was greatly appreciated as the outside temperature started to nudge 30 c. After a hearty breakfast we headed off in convoy, The Ace was wall to wall & we were forced to park on the pathway on the opposite side of the road. Amanda just managing to shoehorn her R3 outfit into a gap & we all headed for the drinks counter. There were Triumphs ranging from Gilesís Model P to the latest from Hinckley . What a turn out, if I missed faces I should have recognised I apologise. Later that afternoon we decided to head off to The Star for a freshener. I swapped my passenger for Nickís son Ed who said he enjoyed the Tíbird sports ride but we wonít tell papa Smirf that.

18/6 Yet another Birthday this time Bobs, this was held at Bill & Debbís home & what an excellent afternoon (but of course). Bob & Billís work at the Barbie produced all the favourites including the West Midders delight ďDrunk Chicken.Ē I even made a point of getting the T140 out of the garage for the day & on the way home thoroughly enjoyed swinging around the A roads of Berkshire until hitting the M4 & its mobile traffic jam. It was at this point I noticed how many St Georges Flags there are scattered about fast stretches of road; I guess the cars shed these at around 50mph I wondered briefly if one could get wrapped around a visor. Keeping it in the World Cup vein our new banner may be a bit delayed. Duncan thatís he whom is making it arrived at his local to watch the England v Trinidad & Tobago game only to pass out due he says to dehydration (hmm). Falling from his bar stool he managed to break 2 bones in his leg, as he was carried to the Ambulance he heard the cheers go up as England scored its first goal.

White socks.  

West Middlesex May 2006 Report

I ended last months report with a 40th Birthday & I will start this report with Debs 40th 22/4 this time down at the Star & a tad less hectic then the previous weeks bash at Heathers but most enjoyable nonetheless, very laid back but doesnít that reflect the lady in question.

Bill, Debs, 2 .5 metre Peter and Nigel (but not necessary together) made it to Popham Classic Show and had a good day out, Bill managed to buy a few bits & even bumped into Dave from the Berkshire Branch who reminded Bill that their 20th Custom & Classic Show is 29/7. 

Chairman Mick had arranged tickets for us to join in the fun at his works club Elvis night & what good fun it was too. The impersonator was pretty impressive & of course there was a smattering of nuts in Elvis masks. The horror of seeing a Looney fix his eyes in our direction & head towards the table was followed by relief at the recognition of Bill in a wig. The Junior W Midd Tigressís were encouraged onto the stage to dance alongside the entertainer & Dave our very own Elvis was invited to sing a few songs & even the impersonator was impressed. A thoroughly good time, & a promise to add nights out to the W Midders itinerary.

Another Heather having a birthday do, this time in N London . Heather isnít a member but has sort of adopted us due to being a Triumph rider in her native New Zealand  & has plenty of interesting biking stories none less then being a friend of the late Burt Monro of ďFastest IndianĒ fame. We were treated to a sumptuous buffet & a very pleasant day with some very pleasant people.

Brooklands ďMake a noise NightĒ Geoff & other noise freaks attended this & came away very impressed with the total cacophony that was achieved. Voting a 1950 350 Manx Norton as being the best eardrum shatterer.  Talking of Geoff, itís great to see him back on two wheels after his hand opp.

Dates for your diary
. 16th July Uxbridge Show. 21-22-23 July camping weekend New Forest . 5/6 August West Sussex TOMCC Custom & Classic Show West Chiltington

White socks.

West Middlesex April 2006 Report

What happened to March? What happened to Spring? Leafing through my diary I am regaled with a motorcycling void, Snow, ice & cold winds.

West London Harley Riders came for another round of our inter-club Pool & Darts Evenings. Unfortunately some of our members were not in attendance so we were more then somewhat outnumbered. The games commenced & it was very apparent that after our 2 previous wins the Harley Bunch were out for revenge, Ex Chairman Slagdyke had come over from Majorca for a visit so he & son Andrew were pressed into service. Andrew managed to win his pool match but then like the Spanish Amada before them they sunk without trace. Two & a half Metre Peter looked like winning his pool match but his game went to pieces. Peter the Pencilís darts hit just about everything but the board, & when he played the last game of pool that evening found himself beguiled by his lady opponents soft Irish brogue & green eyes. He may just as well have used his left ear for a cue for the good he did with the real thing. Final score 10 - 8 defeat. 

Our Easter Egg delivery to the Spelthorne Farm for disabled children was held on a reasonably warm day. 7 bikes & 8 riders met up for coffee at the Star, A bit of a delay while we waited in vain for others to turn up (I wish intentions were made clear well in advance) The dozen children  were treated to chocolate eggs & a chance to sit astride the bikes (always make sure the ignition key is removed). We presented Kirsty the Farm Manager with £100 towards upkeep. Horses, goats, pigs & other livestock inspected, fond farewells & back to the Star for lunch. My thanks to Debs, Bill, Graham & Roger for their support & of course friends Roy, Paul & Tracey who always help out.

Not that one should mention a ladyís age,  but Heathers 40th bash at her home in  Dorset was one of the best & what a gathering of faces from the past there was too. ďHĒ turned up on his newly purchased & beautifully customised Triumph Speedmaster, most impressive.Evening celebrations were held at the local pub complete with a first rate band The Tree Frogs. We partied well into the early hours of the morning when Debs & Bob helped a somewhat tired & confused White socks to his tent. I can only apologise to the villagers as there is no such thing as a quiet drunk. Many thanks to Heather & husband Simon for a glorious weekend.

West Middlesex March Report 2006  

8/3 18 members were in attendance, slightly down on last years AGM but a lively meeting nonetheless. Perhaps the figure of attendees mirrored the drop in membership overall, as John the Membership secretary informed us that membership had slipped from 103  to 76, but as John explained this was mostly due to the Insurance companyís not insisting as they had done on club membership. As these people never turned up at meetings & had no input in the running of this branch, to my mind apart from the few missed pounds sterling, they were of little use to the club. Gary gave his financial report & his firm grip of the purse strings showed all as it should be, Geoff passed on the takings from the weekly raffle. And it was a surprise just how much had accumulated over the months. Due to his recent operation Geoff needs a less hectic life style so stood down as Vice Chairman. To emphasise this he removed his hat, (Mandarins complete with pigtail). Roger put forward a motion regarding the amount of posts that have to be filled & quite frankly were they all necessary. Now, I did not quite hear Bills soft Scottish accent stating that he was in total agreement with Roger and promptly stood down as Secretary, there was a quick vote & I was voted in as Secretary doubling up with Social Secretary, and Oh! of course, scribe. And just think how many years I have been a member, how did I fall for it. Following Other Business, mainly discussions on runs rallyís & shows Chairman Mick bought the proceedings to a close. Sandwiches & chips were provided. John went round with the raffle tickets & I won, was this some form of slush fund just to keep me quiet? but I did notice that if half the money was mine, it was pretty obvious that two people hadnít coughed up. Who are these cheapskate s? A parcel from Denmark recently arrived at my home stuffed with T & sweat shirts.We had all been impressed with the Danish Triumph Owners Clubs regalia whilst at their Rally, so I contacted Palle Munk & he obliged & now we are all dressed in their finest, just a thought here I know each branch has itís own designs but why doesnít TOMCC have its own clothing on offer to itís members?

White Socks

West Middlesex February (2) Report 2006

ďFair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the puddin-race! Aboon them a' ye tak your place, Painch, tripe, or thairm: Weel are ye wordy o' a grace As lang's my arm ďsaid Bill to the Haggis.

Yes another Burns Night celebration at the North Star. Kim managed to shoe horn 40 guests into the dinning area of the pub, the usual stampede to a table with enough chairs to accommodate your ever loving & the party you arrived with, & the eveningís fun began. Pipes swirled (cassette). Haggis eaten, dram drunk, & then Roast beef & Yorkshire pud, followed by a delicious pudding washed down with a bottle or two of wine. Geoff had put aside his usual ladies millinery he uses for these occasions & had chosen a Fez for the evening, A short speech & he conjured (perhaps thatís why he wore a Fez) awards for Nick & Amanda for reasons that evade me now but probably for just being themselves. Giles was accompanied by Ronís Mum who thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Iím sure I speak for all of us: Well done Kim & The Stars staff. 

Another meal for the West Midders , this time to celebrate Nicks Mothers Birthday, I will not disclose the ladies age but she is older then Nick. 10 of us on 9 bikes met up at the Star. This for me was the first run of the year, so swathed in thermals which for most of the journey were a little warm until we hit fog on the M1. Oh didnít the trendier dressed amongst us go a nasty red/blue colour. At last we arrived at our destination & a chance to thaw out.
The pub built by a canal was a large rambling structure, the large rambling staff forgot some of the orders so the meal was somewhat extended. We had probably confused them as all of us addressed Nickís Mother as Mum. Farewells made & heavy stomachs back on the road. The fog had cleared so a quick journey home, not getting behind Bob also helped & the ride was a typical M1/M25 Sunday journey.  
Sick Parade. Geoff has now had his operation, & there are plenty of bandages & holes so letís hope his hands will soon be able to grip the bars of his Tiger. Best wishes Geoff.

Dates for diaries.
Spelthorne Farm Egg Delivery 2 April. Meet at the Star 10; 00. Easter weekend 15/4 Ė 16/4 ex member Heather has invited us to her home in Dorset to Celebrate her 40th Birthday, camping available. 20- 21 May BMF Show, see request on notice board from TOMCC for members to display bikes in return for free camping. I have only camped over at a BMF weekend once & I can assure you it is a hoot.

White socks.

West Middlesex February 2006 Report.

Another month rolls by & before I can put my thinking head on itís time to submit another report. Wots bin Ďappenin? As we say here in the county of Middlesex . Not a lot on the face of it, but the Spanish trip is taking shape. Amanda has already relieved some of us of £200 for the ferry trips. In January woman! We have wives for that sort of extortion donít you know. There have been scurrilous suggestions that itís going towards her new R3, but I for one totally disregard this. Talking of things foreign, Rogerís also looking for a long weekend in France early this spring; suggestions include a trip round some of the WW1 Battlefields. Oh! & having a few drinks (in moderation of course).

Roger has had his Tíbird serviced & the alternator shaft rattle rectified £495 in all.  I think Iíll be buying thicker earplugs to quieten mine. 

Deb as we know is a bit of an artist (no not that type). & R3 Nick has commissioned her to paint a portrait of his daughter Emily; I wonder how much sheíll charge to do the outside of my house? (Oh you canít beat the old ones). Nickís also planning a 23 mile trip this April without the Rocket; itís the London Marathon of course. Well done Nick I salute you, just donít let us down by being caught on TV doing a Paula Radcliff.    

My labour of love (time wasting) is reducing the 700 odd pictures of our Denmark trip by removing duplicates & numerous photosí of a certain person taking shots of him self. I noticed the Friday night knees up appeared to only have one camera in action. I have no idea who was in charge of the camera, but he either suffered from the palsy, or the DTís. Not that I have anything to be smug about, as I appear to be the drunk in most of the shots. Last years get together in the New Forest was a great success so we are having another bash at having a bite at the same fun. So pencil 21 to 23 July in your diaries

This year, Birmingham & Wolves are celebrating 25 years of the Thunderbird Rally. As you can see on page 8 of Nacelle they hope to put on a big show. I have never attended this rally so perhaps I can interest some of you in joining me. Dates 7, 8, 9 July. I know I have mentioned this last month, but 8th March we will be holding our AGM

So be there.

White socks

West Middlesex January 2006 Report

A new year starts & here at West Middlesex the incumbents stir almost to a doze. New Year promises probably already broken. Will Peter the Pencil & Mick be off the fags? We shall see.  As for New Year resolutions I would like all those who wished to put forward runs & ideas to do just that, Your ideas are as good as anyoneís, have a chat to Nick  hereís a tip, buy him a packet of Twiglets first. It never fails. My personal wish is to forge closer links with other TOMCC Branches, join in on the runs etc, as reading their reports they do appear to team up regularly.  

We managed 2005 in fine style, a clutch of new Triumphs, a few new members, a few not seen again members, There were lows like the loss of dear Ron & there were highs & good laughs so the hard core of us that care still manage to enjoy each others company & lets face it, if we managed Denmark for so long together with out throwing punches then it must be a good mix. Speaking of abroad, Spain this year appears to be the chosen destination & Nick has already made a good start at organising the journey. Amanda has the ferry crossings in hand (you need to pay her £200 by the 18th of this month) The trip will be in early September so those that are interested please let it be known ASAP. There were a few things that I didnít report last year & one was Billís mishap on his Daytona, A car driver decided that the other side of the road was the place to be. Bill being in the way didnít come into the equation. Speed was minimal but the Daytona was a write off. Hinckleyís donít appear to be as forgiving as the Meriden ís are.

The Concorde Rally had one special memorable moment for me. While out on the Saturday in Weston we visited a pub. On returning from the gents I mentioned that I saw a machine selling sex toys for a pound, Dom our ready for anything member (pun intended) rushed off with his coin, only to reappear with a pink cigarette lighter with the words Hello Sexy on it, Shame really as he doesnít smoke. Well what do you expect for a pound Dom. There is now an extra night down the Star, this is on Saturdays, & is attended by the West Midders Lonely Hearts Club. So ladies out there, if you WLTM  FLMWT look no further.

White socks.

West Middlesex November 2005 Report

11/10  19:15 hrs Hampton Court . Several of us made the early evening start to(Mighty) South London ís BBQ. What I always enjoy about the doís at S London is thereís always a good turn out of quality bikes, mostly Meriden ís with a smattering of Enfield ís & BSAís. The eveningís weather was reasonable so we managed to keep to the patio as the pubs stairs were not Amanda friendly.

Ex Chairman Slagdyke was visiting from Majorca . (Our W Medd Outpost). Several of us caught up with him at The Star for dinner & a pint, if there is one thing Old Nick misses about Blighty is a pint of Old Thunderer & can you blame him.

 Roger & I met with Amanda to visit Unit Sidecars in Essex , as they had an R111 combination. Curious as to what this behemoth would look & go like. I must admit to being impressed with the finished article. The owner spent the morning with us explaining how he made & fitted the sub-chassis, as for the handling & performance, it went like the proverbial off the shovel we were told. I think Amanda was sold on the idea but the big question is, can a reverse mechanism be fitted? Will there be 3 Amanda.JPG (497094 bytes)Rockets parked outside the Star? Recently Giles turned up on his Hurricane & we were treated to our Nick the R3 Captain beg grovel even for Giles to allow him a go of said Tangerine icon, Giles being the kind hearted man that he is agreed & off sped Nick, on his return fly past Giles went a lighter shade of pale as Nick waved his arms & shouted his usual ďI want one.Ē Well he landed it safely & Giles & Hurricane were reunited. A few Wednesdays past we were treated (?) to a Karaoke evening. Our own ďElvisĒ Dave decided to give it a go & naturally he sang a Presley number, we all enjoyed it but a man looking suspiciously like Simon Cowell exited the pub shouting the most unprintable comments. Dates to remember; 30/12 we are holding an evening of fun & merriment at the Star, Kim will supply the buffet. Saturday 28th January. Burns Night celebration.  
8th March we will be
holding our AG
The choice for next years trip abroad appears to be biased towards Spain , so we had better start organising soon. Hands up those who are coming!  

A Strange coincidence
.I recently received a call from a friend who works at a motorcycle breaker who had a damaged screen that would fit my Tíbird. What a surprise I had when taking it out of its box to see a Danish Britannia Rally sticker attached. It was numbered 009; I remembered mine was number 007. Moral; when you Screen.JPG (177746 bytes)are trying to keep quiet about a mishap itís always best to remove incriminating evidence. Isnít that right Bob?  
Merry Christmas to you all & a Happy New Year for all of us.


West Middlesex October 2005 Report

12/9 Chairman Mick Bishop was invited to The London Motorcycle Museum to meet up with the Orange County Choppers; after their triumphant weekend at the Ace Reunion in Brighton. .Paulís senior & junior & Marky, were being filmed by the Discovery Channel, they all had a ride on Mickís Triumph special (pictured on our web-site) & Paul snr declared it was better then a Harley Sportster, this coming from ďA good old boyĒ was praise indeed. He also took a fancy to the museums P1 prototype Trident, but Bill Crosby wasnít having any of it.

NW Londonís HQ at London Colney. Dee was throwing a 30th Birthday Party  for her T100R. Not one to do things by half is Dee She decided to throw in a bike & dog show at the same time. Tent erected in the last space available I was off  to join in the fun. Bikes & pooches were judged & awarded cups & rosettes for their ownerís efforts. As I watched a rosette wearing dog deliver his judgement on my Bonnie my thoughts of revenge evaporated when I noticed Amanda in the crowd, nice to see another W Midder had made it. After the free dinner the band ďThe HookĒ hit the stage. What great music they made, possibly the best band Iíve heard this year. After Amanda had departed I joined in the entertainment with Dee ís friends The Naughty Old Ladies Bike Club, not that they were particularly old & sadly not that naughty either. Next morning I discovered that I hadnít made it to my tent, and remembered that I was deemed house trained enough to be allowed to sleep in the building as the night had chilled somewhat. This I was even more grateful for as a reveller had left a pavement pizza just by the entrance to my tent. Breakfast was cooked for the able to eat & tents cleared away. Thanks Dee, N.W. London & of course The Naughty Old Ladies.

Concorde Rally
. Roger & I met up mid-day & headed west taking the A roads to Weston. Apart from a heavy but expected downpour, we had a pleasant journey through Somerset countryside. Some W Midders had already arrived & seeing an R3 already on site I expected to see Nick, but was surprised when a smiling Mick introduced me to his new purchase, he had kept quiet about that one. ďOgriĒBob has taken on Mickís Legend & is pleased as punch. At least heís on two wheels & the troublesome Harris Bonnie will be sorted eventually. Later that evening we headed for the bar, and settled in. The band set up its paraphernalia, eight speakers in all. Heavy Metal was their sound, my head was ringing for the rest of the weekend. Saturday morning we had a call from Kiwi Graham his front wheels inner tube had burst just as he reached junction 21 on the M5. Some went off to help him whilst the rest of us headed for Cheddar & a run round Somerset. Amanda nearly parted company with her outfit on a particularly bumpy stretch, weíll have to Velcro her pants to the saddle in future. The bar that night was packed & the 13 W Midders had a pleasant evening. Sunday morning awards & raffle time. Iím happy to announce Amanda won Furthest Distance Lady Rider. The award for Best Club Turnout was won by US, 2nd time this year.  Many thanks to the Bristol Branch for another first  Class rally. Also that Sunday the Museum held its Real Classic show & Big Breakfast. Geoff, Giles & John represented us & Geoff managed 4 Breakfasts but was beaten by an even hungrier biker who managed an incredible 7.


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