T.O.M.C.C - West Middlesex 'Tigers'

 We meet at The North Star Pub, Iver, SL0 9AH   Official club night  first and third Wednesday of every month 9pm.     So if you have a Triumph come along, have a beer.     See "How To Find Us" for directions and maps.

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Welcome to The West Middlesex 'Tigers' Branch of the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club.



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Official Club Nights

During September the Club will be meeting on the following nights

7th North Star

 14th The Ace Cafe

 21st North Star

 28th The Ace Cafe

August 2016 Branch Report

I have some sad news for those who knew Henry Prow or 'H' as he was known, H passed away on Friday 12th August after a road traffic accident near Bodmin, Cornwall where he lived.H was a member of West Middlesex for many years and a regular at many rallies

Eight members made the run out to the Possee Bike Show where there were some great bikes and also a very tasty hog roast

Six members made the run out to the autojumble at Popham and as well as enjoying the great display of bikes and parts they were treated to a flyby from a Spitfire.

On the 3rd Wednesday of the Month there is a hot Rod night at the Star with some very nice custom cars this Month we were pleased to welcome members of the Berkshire TOMCC.

Most Wednesday lunchtimes our retired members gather at Jacks in Bagshot along with a host of other classic riders and some days the turn out from members exceeds those that turn up on Club Nights

Colin our budding thespian is becoming quite a draw with the ladies and it is now becoming a regular occurrence for him to be approached at the Ace or other bike events by members of his fan club asking him to pose for photos with them.




July 2016 Branch Report


No sleep for the West Middlesex boys this Month, we started the Month with the Uxbridge Auto show where we had a joint stand with the London Motorcycle Museum thanks go to Keith and Angie for the excellent BBQ that they provided. Next up was a run out to Ton Up Day at Jacks Hill Café Mike B, Colin, Roy and Peter made the trip, as usual there was a stunning display of new, old and custom bikes well worth the trip.

To round off the Month we visited the Berkshire TOMCC custom and classic show at a new venue this Year but still the same quality show great food and a varied selection of bikes on display, we were unlucky in the raffle but still managed to walk away with the award for best club turnout. On the 27th we had our usual meet at the Ace and on arrival were very surprised to see a car park packed with motoring stalls giving away freebies so we just had to collect a few things like hand cleaner, pens, mouse mats, more pens, hats, mugs, keyrings and more pens it’s surprising how much you can cram into a leather jacket and onto a bike



June 2016 Branch Report

Heathers funeral took place at the beginning of the Month with Colin, Mick and Pete riding down to Somerset to meet up with John, Gary and some of the old West Middx members.

Attendance at Club nights has been a bit up and down this Month possibly due to the weather, the 12th saw 7 of us at Triumph Day at the Ace with the Club Stand and despite the poor weather there was a good turnout of bikes, Dave Lilley brought the new T120 along and it looks a superb machine. the 18th saw 5 of us head down to Berkshire TOMCC for their old bike gathering where we were asked to judge the bikes on display, the 22nd saw 5 of us heading out to shiny bike night at Cadsden and as usual it was a good night with lots of interesting bikes

Don’t forget we are having the Club Stand at the Uxbridge auto show on Sunday 17th July and a run out to the Berkshire TOM CC bike show on the 23rd




 May 2016 Branch Report

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Heather passed away on May 12th after a long fight with MS, she passed away peacefully at home with her husband Simon. There is information about funeral details and things on www.helitots.co.uk

The first Club Night of the Month saw a large turnout of members at the Star, Keith and Colin had a run out to Old Warden airfield for the 70th anniversary of the De Havilland Chipmunk. Kempton Southern Classic Bike Show and auto jumble saw Mike B, Graham and John joining the long queues eagerly waiting to rummage through the boxes of bargains looking for that elusive part for the ongoing rebuild also at the show were the new Brough Superiors nice to see another classic make resurrected.

We now have some new Club patches available priced at a rather reasonable £3.50 ideal for covering that empty space on your leathers if you want one see John on Club Nights.

Club Activities

22nd June we will having a run out to Shiny Bike night at The Plough Cadsden

18th June Run to the Berkshire Branch Old Motorcycle gathering

10th July run to Ton Up Day at Jacks Hill Café

17th July Club Stand at the Uxbridge Auto Show (see Keith for tickets)

23rd July Run o Berkshire Branch custom bike show



April 2016 Branch Report

What a busy Month two AGM’s in a week, six of us made the run to the National AGM on the way back Mike’s speedo on his Bonneville developed a mind of its own and was showing 110mph at around 40mph a later check of the cable and drive box showed that the speedo was at fault. Anyone got a spare speedo for a 2006 Bonneville

Our Branch AGM was held on the 6th April 14 members were in attendance and the Committee remains unchanged for another Year.

Chairman Mick Bishop, Treasurer Gary Crosby, Membership Secretary John Greenwood, Runs leader and Social Secretary Keith Ferris, Scribe and Website Content Mike Bowerman

 at the AGM it was decided to make a donation towards the London Motorcycle Museum. It was also suggested that we should look for another venue for Club Nights if you know anywhere that might be suitable let one of the Committee know and we can check it out.


Some dates for your Diary

Wednesday 18th May sees the return of the custom cars at the North Star there will also be live music and a BBQ

Sunday 12th June Club Stand at the Ace for Triumph Day

Wednesday 22nd June Club Run to the Plough at Cadsden

Sunday 17th July Club Stand at the Uxbridge Auto show



March 2016 Branch Report

 Spring is here at last and attendance at the Ace and the North Star is improving there has even been a run out to Jacks café at Bagshot which attracted 6 hardy club members.

Chairman Mick has decided he didn’t have enough bikes and has treated himself to a new Tiger Explorer

By the time you read this we will have attended the National AGM and held our own Branch AGM more on that next Month

Some dates for your Diary

Wednesday 18th May sees the return of the custom cars at the North Star there will also be live music and a BBQ

Sunday 12th June Club Stand at the Ace for Triumph Day

Wednesday 22nd June Club Run to the Plough at Cadsden

Sunday 17th July Club Stand at the Uxbridge Auto show




February 2016 Branch Report

This Month’s big event was the launch of the new Bonneville Street Twin Mike B, Colin and Keith battled their way through the miles of gridlocked traffic to reach Jack Lilley’s in time to see the grand unveiling of the new bikes as usual Dave Lilley and the team made the evening very enjoyable providing a buffet and goody bags for everyone that attended.

The day after the Bonneville launch Mikes Bonnie refused to start the engine was turning the fuel was flowing but no spark so it was trailered off to Jack Lilleys who diagnosed a new ignition unit and alternator pick up lead. Colin has just started a new chapter in the Thruxton saga after taking his bike to the Ace he began experiencing erratic running with the bike alternately surging and cutting out until it died completely just outside his gate, the next day he managed to get it started and rode around to Keith’s who used his magic spanners to get it working again with a new set of plugs, so that’s two of us ready for the new runs season. Keith will be updating the runs list on the Forum shortly, a date for your diaries is the 6th April for the Branch AGM 8pm onwards at the North Star


January 2016 Branch Report

 Well here we go then start of a New Year

Attendance at the Ace has been a bit poor lately must be the weather so I thought I would pop along to the North Star on the 20th after a very cold ride down I arrived to find the pub in semi-darkness the flicker of candles illuminated the interior my first thought was that it had been converted to a trendy wine bar in my absence turns out it was a power cut, the barman informed me that Keith and Graham had already gone home and the previous night the power had been off for 4hrs so back on the bike and off home.

Something to look forward to is the International Rockers Reunion Day at Chelsea Bridge on the 16th April 3pm-6pm then onto Hammersmith Town Hall for a night of rocking sounds from the Rapiers, The Rebel Riders and Corrupted



December 2015 Branch Report

December started with Jack Lillie’s Xmas party on the 10th and was followed by the Branches Xmas Dinner on the 16th which was organised by Keith and the Staff at the North Star around twenty two members turned up and enjoyed a very filling festive meal and plenty of liquid refreshment.

Happy New Year to you all



November 2015 Branch Report

With the long dark nights and bad weather now’s the time to start that winter rebuild I’ve started mine already might even finish it by next Xmas,

Looking ahead to next Year the date for Triumph day at The Ace will be Sunday 12th June so put it in your diaries as we will be having the Branch Stand there.



October 2015 Report

With the Summer no more than a distant image in the rear view mirror and the Winter looming on the horizon our dynamic duo Keith and Colin had a Sunday run out to Loomies Café where there were lots of bikes despite the cold weather,

However the curse of the Thruxton struck again, (regular visitors to our forum will be aware of the Thruxton Saga.) Colin spotted oil on the rear tyre and dripping off the centre stand and the oil level was down luckily there is a Triumph Dealers nearby who provided them not only with a top up  of oil but free coffee and hotdogs. So with bike and riders topped up they headed off to Newlands Corner only to be held up by a veteran tractor (no not an old Harley a real tractor)

Newlands Corner was very busy and the queue for food was halfway out the car park but the weather was now warmer, On arriving back at Keith’s the back tyre was again coated in oil but thanks to Keith’s magic spanners a new oil filter was soon fitted and the oil leak cured.

This year Jack Lillies Xmas party is on 10th December starting at 18.00



September 2015 Report


Keith and Colin had a ride out to White Waltham Airfield at the start of the Month and were lucky enough to see and hear a Mk 9 spitfire and see a squadron of Tiger Moths,

On the 9th we had a surprise visit at the Ace from ex-chairman Slagdyke which turned into an entertaining evening full of stories about the old days of the Club and many interesting tales of what happened at some of the Rallies we used to attend.

Speaking of rallies chairman Mick and the dirty dozen Steve,H,Louie,Bob,Bobs mate,Whitesocks,Charlotte,Mark,Roger,Mark W and Kiwi Graham went to the Concorde Rally where they bumped into Chris North and The North West London Branch. According to Mick it was a very good Rally with warm dry weather a good band in the Evening and a very pleasant run out around the local countryside



August 2015 Report

Well it’s been a bit of a quiet Month,  attendance on Club Nights has been down on previous months due to the weather , There was a run out to Popham auto jumble by Keith ,Graham, Colin and Mike H by all accounts they had a good time with plenty of good bikes on display.

Next Month’s big event is the Concorde Rally which is always well attended by our Branch 



July 2015 Report

July was another busy month for the Club.

1st July  we had a visit from Big Dave with his Hinckley Scrambler, Then on the 6th Steve,Graham,Mike B,Mike H,Mick,Bill,Paul,Keith and Kiwi Graham attended the AJS owners Club Bike Night at Burnham,

Keith and Mike H attended the Surrey Branch BBQ and walked away with a raffle prize each the following day they again met up with the Surrey branch at Brooklands.

Mike B and Colin had a run to Ton Up Day at Jacks Hill Café, Whitesocks being the rebel that he is made his own way there and despite the weather there was a good turnout of bikes to look at.

15th saw a visit from prospective new member Ben

19th Saw 12 bikes and 14 members attend the Uxbridge Auto show to man the Club Stand, good to see Big Dave and Derek again, Keith again manned the BBQ and kept everyone supplied with bacon rolls, burgers and teas, In addition to the fine display of Triumphs we also had several Nortons and a Norton Manx special with a Velo engine, but the bike that got the most attention was a battery powered Indian trike supplied by Chairman Micks grandson.

26th Mike B, Colin and Mike H met up at the North Star in the rain for a run to the Berkshire TOMCC Bike Show but just before they left they received news that the show had been cancelled due to the weather


June 2015 report

I would like to thank Bill for all the work he’s put in over the years as Branch scribe.

This Month started off with a visit from North West London member Ron who came along to sample the delights of the North Star.

14th June the club stand at the Ace was manned by Keith, Mike B, Mike H, Graham, Steve and Gary and despite a slightly damp start the day went well. Throughout the day members of North West London, North Staffs, Gloucester Meteors and Meriden dropped by to say hello. It was also good to see Giles and Paul and old member Dave who turned up in the afternoon.

18th June Keith and Colin had a run out to Berkshire branches BBQ

20th June Mike B, Mike H Graham, Steve, Keith and Colin went to Berkshire Branches old motorcycle gathering

24th June was the Club run to Cadsden Bike Night Colin, Keith, Mike H, Mike B, Graham and Peter left from the North Star, Mick, Bill, Paul and Dave met us at Cadsden, as usual it was a great night with a varied selection of bikes Paul even won a prize for his Hurricane.

Next Month’s events

19th Club Stand at the Uxbridge Auto show

26th Club run to Berkshire Branch Classic Bike show leaves North Star 09.30am



May 2015 report

Our club AGM was held on the 20th May and was attended by 13 members. Again as in previous years we have a strong membership with 73 members and 1 associate. It’s a small core of members who regularly attend down the North Star and the ACE Café where we meet. The club has a small but healthy cash balance in the bank. With regards to committee members most carry on for another year, however Bill has stood down as the scribe and Mike Bowerman has taken on this position as well as the Web site content coordinator which he has done for a couple of years, please see Nacelle or our web page for details on how to contact Mike. Keith Ferris who is our “Runs leader” has also taken on the role of social secretary.

Last month a few members took a run down to the Cellar Reunion, which is held at the Black Horse public house at Degworth near Windsor. On July 19th we will have a stand at the Uxbridge Auto show, if you are interested in cars, bikes of all shapes and styles then there is something here for everyone, as well as auto jumble and a wide range of stalls selling all sorts of things. On the 8th August we will have a stand for Triumph Day at the ACE Café, once again a day not to be missed with a range of things on, a great day with plenty of atmosphere.

The local custom car club once more for the summer meets down the North Star on the 3rd Wednesday of the month alongside our club night. Their love of their cars is like us to our bikes with some beautiful machines to look at, pop down and share the evening with us.

As this is my final branch report I would just like to wish Mike all the best in taking on this function.




April 2015 No Report This Month

March 2015 Report

With the weather picking up we are now seeing a good smattering off bikes down the club on Wednesday nights (1st & 3rd Wed North Star, 2nd & 4th Ace Café), however the attendance at the ACE café is sporadic but with the clocks now forward the nights warmer and brighter for longer who knows. The date for our AGM has been set as Wed 20th May at the North Star, 20:00hrs for a 20:30 start please make every effort to attend as your views are important to the running of the club.


February saw Bob getting married to Cathy and then a week later retiring from work, now their heading to New Zealand for a holiday just to wind down and enjoy their new found freedom; we wish them well for today and the rest of their lives.




February 2015 No report this Month

January 2015 No report This Month

December 2014 Report

Our Christmas meal was on the 17th at the North Star, around twenty people attended the meal. They catered for a range of different palates, but I was very much traditional going for soup, Turkey and Christmas pudding in a Brandy sauce. It was good to see Bill Crosby our Honorary President in attendance.

The revised West Middlesex web page is now up and running and it’s good to see it is being used. If you have not yet logged in, please do so as the more it’s used the more informative it becomes.

Our AGM although still a while away, we will be looking to hold the AGM sometime in March. We will advise as soon as we have confirmed the date.


Summing up 2014, has seen us out and about at various Rallies throughout the year, and we have attended quite a few run-outs to various locations. As a club we have alternated with the 1st, 3rd and (5th if a long month) Wednesdays down the North Star, and the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at the ACE café.


November 2014 No report this Month

October 2014 Report

A quiet month again, with the guys out and about on their own. With our club web page we had been having big problems with our forum page, however member Mike a computer programmer of exceptional skill has modified and improved our forum page. Anyone wishing to use the forum must re-apply for access, which will then be granted once checked. Keith is talking about a run out to Hayling Island; please keep an eye on the forum for details. As a club we will attending remembrance Sunday which will be held at the ACE café, we are looking to make our own way up, but being there for 10:30hrs. On display will be a military vehicle display.

A final reminder for anyone wishing to attend out Christmas evening meal at the North Star on the 17th Dec can they please let Keith know before the 10th Dec so we can firm up on the numbers.

The weather is still holding out for runs out on the bike, with the clocks going back is a downside with us loosing that important hour of daylight, still Spring is not that far away.





September 2014 Report

Although the sun has been blazing down, as a club we have not done much, but we have all been out and about individually on our bikes enjoying the summer sun. The big event of the month was the Bristol TOMCC Concorde Rally. Eight of us attended the event, all arriving over the course of Friday. Marc couldn’t make it as he is still recovering from a hand injury and “H” had to come in his car from the West Country as his Trike has blown the gearbox and being repaired. Myself and Liz arrived after the food had finished for the night, Liz was not happy with a couple of bags of crisps and a bag of maltessers and winged late into the night, much to the amusement of everyone else. Saturday dawned clear and sunny and we decided to go on the runout, which was a 50 mile run around the rolling Gloucester/Dorset countryside, stopping of at a lake complex for refreshments before heading on to Wooden Basset to lay a wreath to remember the fallen in military conflicts. In the evening there was a live band, the guitarists and drummer were faultless the girl on vocals could have been better, but the choice of music was great. We won a few of the raffle prizes. It was good to catch up again with the boys from the Glasgow branch, there was four of them down from the mountains. This gave us a chance to air our views on the Union of Great Britain amongst other things. A good rally and faultless weather, roll on next year.

If you are passing the London Motorcycle Museum in Greenford West London it is well worth a visit to see the range of Triumph motorcycles manufactured over the years. Gary was telling me they now have on display what is thought to be the first ever BSA motorcycle, a 1911, 250cc single cylinder.

On a final note we are having a Christmas meal in the North Star on the 17th Dec, it would be nice if you could pop down on a club night to say you are attending or alternatively if you could let a committee member know as we need to advise on numbers attending at least a week beforehand.




August 2014 Report

The month started off with Mick, Charlotte, Liz and myself attending the Meriden Rally, got most of the way dry before the rain started. Saturday was grim with rain most of the day, rather than doing 90 odd miles in rain we did about six and went to the National Motorcycle Museum. There is a fantastic collection and some absolute works of art, gave me a few ideas for my bikes. Sat night was good with a good rock band, met up with a couple of friends, won a couple of raffle prizes, all in all a good weekend.

I have probably missed a couple of events, the other one I know off was a run out by a few club members to the Shoreham Air Show, by all accounts this was something to be seen with WW1 dog fights, Vulcan bombers etc, not to mention that the Suzuki owners club turned up.

Club nights are well attended and with the warm summer evenings its nice sitting out the front of the pub having a drink and the bikes all gleaming around us.




July 2014 Report

Having missed last month’s report for Nacelle, this month is a summary of the last two months, which has been actioned packed. The events that we have attended are:- Triumph day at the ACE café, Triton day at the ACE café, Shiny bike night at Cadsden Bucks, Cassington bike night Oxford. Then moving on to last month was The AJS & Matchless owner’s bike night at Taplow. Mick and Charlotte attended the Rabbit, bumping into Chris North and Andy who are regulars on the rally scene. Also “Tiny” an ex West Middlesex member from a bygone era, he’s still as loud and boisterous, but good company. Keith had a run out to Brooklands for “Ton up day”

The big event of the month was the Uxbridge Auto show where we had a stand alongside the London Motorcycle museum giving us a good selection of Triumph’s from the early year’s right up to the Hinckley’s of today. The weather was good and the day a success, with a special thanks to Keith for all his efforts in ensuring it was a success, the BBQ was a nice touch and very much appreciated by everyone. Finally the month was rounded off by us attending the Berkshire TOMCC bike show, where once again we won best club turnout. Mick missed a good day out as he was project managing the replacement of his garden fence.

Club attendance is very good with regulars attending both the North Star and the ACE café on alternate Wednesdays. On the 3rd Wed of the month a Hot Rod- custom car club share the North Star with us, which is good as they have a BBQ, music and an interesting array of cars. The North Star is holding a Charity Summer Party on the 16th Aug with a live band and entertainment for all the family from 2pm onwards, if you can make it, will be a good day and for a good cause.




June 2014 Report


With Summer well under way, there has been a hive of activity within the branch, attendances at our meeting nights have been good with over sixteen bikes at the last meeting for the month, even John Greenwood pulled his old Triumph out of the garage, fired it up and drove it down the club (were talking years not months since his bike was last out, but he has been spoiled with speed, power and comfort of his Harley). The month started with Triumph day at the ACE café, where we had a stand to promote the club and our branch, with a lot of interest being shown by the attendees. The following week was Triton day at the ACE and once again a good show. A bit later on was Shiny bike night at the Plough in Cadsden (High Wycombe area) which is a British Classic Bike Club, they had a good show with some real nice exhibits of bikes, there must have been at least six of us attend this event. Keith attended the Goodwood festival of speed, haven’t been there myself for over ten years but another good event with all sorts of motorized vehicles and exhibits.  The final event attended this month was Cassington Bike night, Steve, Bob, Mike and myself attended this show, it’s good that the village opens its doors to bikers and the whole village is awash with bikes (all proceeds from the event go to the village school). I reckon there must have been upwards of 3000 bikes there. There’s always a nice atmosphere and you can take some real good whindy roads or stick to the fast roads to get there. There is more events next month with the Monday coming the AJS & Matchless owners BBQ at Burnham. It’s also worth mentioning that on the 3rd Wed of the month the custom car club share an evening with us at The North Star, there’s plenty of room for both clubs but it adds a bit more atmosphere and it’s great to watch them do burn ups down the road as they leave, each driver trying to outdo each other.


May 2014 Report

Apologies for missing last Month’s report.

Our numbers attending club nights remains consistent, but it’s always refreshing when old faces turn up to say hello. Over the last few weeks we have seen Kenny, Patrick and Roger drop by, to name a few.

The West Wales TOMCC International Rally at St David’s was attended by Mick and Charlotte.Micks comment was “that the location is not as good as previous years but the ride out was fantastic with great weather”

Mick and myself went to the Kempton Southern Classic bike show and auto jumble the standard of the machines on display was high, with my favourite being a featherbed fame where a chap had welded two Reliant Robin engines into a V configuration and shoe horned it into the frame, complete with modern floating disc brakes etc. Awesome, also bumped into a couple of the West London Harley boys, haven’t seen them around for a while.

There have been various other runs as the members get out and about on their bikes, the weather is getting better and I foe one is looking forward to the long hot summer nights

On the 3rd Wednesday of the Month see’s the Custom/Hot-rod Club meet down at the North Star which makes for a good night alongside our club, Their love of their cars is like our to our bikes, as they talk with passion about what they get up to.

I’ll finish on a note saying it’s always good to see Keith and Colin attend club nights on their bikes regardless of the weather: people like Mick can be very selective, LoL



April 2014

No report this Month

March 2014 Report

Another quiet month down the club, Mick and myself had a run up “H’s” café at Dorchester, weather was sunny and warm for the time of year, quite a few people had the same idea as the café car park was full of bikes and spilling over into other parking areas, we stood in a queue for 15mins just for a cup of tea, it was that busy.


Our AGM is over for another year, membership remains stable at 80 members, committee members were all re-elected into the same positions. We talked through what’s in store for the year ahead, Triumph day at the ACE we will be there, also the Uxbridge auto, there was talk about various rallies, all I can say is keep an eye on our web page for forthcoming events. Last year we were having issues with idiots corrupting our forum page, we have reformatted the web page and put more security around what people can put on the forum. It’s now working much better and Mikes nimble fingers is keeping it all up to date, so please have a look in.


With the weather changing for the better, the hedgerows turning green before our eyes you cant help but get excited about tearing down the country lanes and enjoying the warm air blowing across your face, looking forward to Summer.




February 2014 No report this Month

January 2014 report

Goodbye to 2013 as we look forward to what 2014 brings. The committee thanks everyone for their involvement in making the club work, the year gone has seen us out and about on runs, attending rallies, bike shows, supporting other TOMCC events across the country. We still have a consistent core of people turning up at the North Star, it would be nice to see a few more faces, but we can’t complain.

The Christmas meal was well attended with 18 people turning up, the new Proprietor of the North Star did us proud with a delicious three course meal and  at a special rate.

Looking forward, we are talking about attending a “Burns Night” on the 25th Jan at the North Star, our Club AGM will be sometime in March, date to be finalised. Also as a club we will look to support/attend the following rallies throughout the year:- 9th-11th May-Somerset and Dorset rally (Yeoville), 16th-18th May-West Wales rally (St Davids), 11th-13th July-Rother's Rabbit rally (Hastings), 1st-3rd August-Beacons Offa’s Dyke rally (Hay on Wye), and the 26th-28th Sept-Bristol's Concord rally (Chippenham)

Wishing one and all, a prosperous New Year.



December 2013 no report this month


November 2013 report

Firstly apologies for not sending out the last report, juggling too many balls. As a Club we had a good turnout at the Concorde Rally with in total circa 13 people attend, not all TOMCC members, some partners, others and friends, but a very good turnout.

I was surprised that we did not get best club turnout which went to Meriden, I do think if there was a prize for the loudest snorer we would have won hands down,Peter whitesocks and Mark were competing to see who could break 100dba.One of the nice things about the Concorde is the price of food and drinks: it all helps to stretch your money out that bit further. Always good to see "H" who drove up on his trike from Cornwall, bike was looking good and this was enforced when he won best in show .On the Saturday as a group we all split up and did our own thing ,some people went on the run, others went for a stroll and a drink in the town and a group of us went on a run to Tintern Abbey. Saturday night was lively with a good live band, round our table we were joined by the West Wales contingency who are good company. It was also good to see the Glasgow boys, their soft dulcet tones are nice to hear it's almost like the homeland is calling me back.

As a club we alternate between the North Star and the Ace Cafe as a meeting point ,we still get reasonable attendance at both even though the cold nights are drawing in. The other day Mick, Mark and Peter went for a run on their bikes to Newlands Corner, unfortunately Peter and Mark slipped on oil and dropped their bikes. Pete's bike looks salvageable, Mark has bust his wrist and his bike looks like a write off. Could happen to anyone regardless of how experienced you are, we all hope to see you back on a bike soon.

The custom car club who used to meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month have now moved it to the 3rd Sunday of the Month at lunchtime, the North Star also does lunches so it's a nice venue on a Sunday if looking for something to do.

If anyone is interested in joining us for Christmas Dinner we are having a Christmas meal in the North Star on wed 11th December, if interested please let Keith know before the end of November as we have to confirm numbers by then


October 2013 No report this Month

September 2013 report

The good weather continues, allowing people to get out and about on their bikes. Our pub “The North Star” has changed hands, the new owners have spruced the place up and it looks good. There is now a custom car club who meet up at the North Star on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and it makes for a good evening, as they leave they pull out, line up and do a wheel burn down the road, which is good to watch, and it makes us look quite sedate as we leave quietly in an orderly manner!


Keith and Graham attended Popham bike and auto jumble show, which is always a good event. Mick went up to see the Rocket Three meet at the Ace Café. There has been various run out by different people to places like “H’s café” near Dorchester, Newlands Corner etc. Mick also popped down to Cornwall for a couple of days to visit “H” who is getting on fine and is attending the Concorde Rally. Mick also dropped in on Heather and Simon to see how they were.


The Concorde Rally is the next big event, we are looking to get best turnout with 15 of us booked in already, drop by and pick up your ticket from Mick if you ordered one. This is another good, and well run event, hope to see the Glasgow boys there.


August 2013 no report this Month

July 2013 Report

With the weather getting hotter, we now see life starting to appear within the club, the long winter has seen some of the people and the bikes emerge from what has been a long hibernation. A quick wash and polish breathes life back into the machines and the activity in the club starts to happen.

The Uxbridge Auto Show on the 21st July, West Middlesex and the London motorcycle Museum both had stands at the show ;we fitted ourselves onto one pitch which gave an impressive array of Triumph motorcycles over the years. Keith had his barbecue to feed the troops, so not only did we have a good display of bikes; people's mouths were dribbling with saliva the smell of Keith's Barbie. over the course of the day 5 members who don't regularly attend the North Star dropped by to say hello, if you read this then it would be good if you can drop down now and again to join in the banter.

That same weekend saw Mick,Charlotte,Liz and myself attend the Beacons Rally at the Baskerville Hotel; this is a must do rally, the setting is great, food and music on tap and they are a friendly bunch. both Mick and myself won a trophy with our bikes and the icing on the cake was me winning a raffle prize.

The following weekend was the Berkshire bike show, the numbers seemed down on previous years but once again we did well winning best club turnout and Paul winning best Triumph on his immaculate Hurricane.

Weds 31st was the fifth Wed of the Month was not an official club night but Giles and Keith turned up and had a chat about bees, honey and Aston Martins etc. As a club we had previously agreed to take a run up to the Busy Bee club near St Albans on the 1st Aug.Seven of us went on the run and there was already a good turn out when we arrived at about 20.30hrs.

Summing up, a good month and we have seen an increase of members turning up for club nights, it would be nice if the members who caught up with us at the Uxbridge show popped down now and again for a laugh and a beer . The North Star has changed hands and had a lick of paint, also there is a custom car club sharing our Wednesdays which makes for a lively evening and some nice cars to have a look at.

June 2013 Report

With the weather improving week on week we have been out and about a bit more.

4 members attended the Surrey BBQ & bike show, by all accounts weather was good, food better and a good attendance. This was followed by our club having a stand at the Triumph Day at the ACE Café, credit where its due Keith did an excellent job of organising everything.

Next on the list was Cadsden bike night at the Plough Pub, 6 members made the run, another clear night and another good event. Moving on to Cassington, an event which has been around for over 20 years grows in strength each year, there must have been in excess of 5000 people there this year over the course of the night, the village opens its doors to the biking community with all proceeds going to the village (a win win situation all round)

Looking ahead there is the Berkshire TOMCC which is a quality event.

Had an e-mail from an old member the other day (Dom) he is hoping to drop by soon and say hello, he was always full off fun and mischief, it will be good to see him again.


May 2013 report

I think we are still waiting for Spring to start never mind the Summer, with the weather being so bad we (I for one) haven’t been out on the bike so much. Some of the more hardier members of the club still make it down on the bike regardless of the weather.

Last month saw Mick, Steve and Keith make their way to the Cellar reunion at the Blackhorse in Windsor, feedback was positive about the event. Mick and Charlotte went to the West Wales annual Rally, another good Rally and the weather was really good with only a few spots of rain on the way there.

Last weekend saw Mick and myself take a run up to “H’s” cafe near Dorchester, a sunny day again and quite a few bikes (and people) up the cafe. We came back down through Watlington/Christmas Common and stopped at Turville for a pint before heading home.

Things are picking up with Triumph day at the ACE cafe on the 9th June, then Cadsden at the Plough Inn is the Bucks British & Classic MCC annual BBQ, this tends to be a very friendly enjoyable evening and a nice run out through the Chiltern Hills. Another day out is the North weald Air Base open day on the 22nd June, we are looking to see if anyone is interested in a run-out to this event, and finally there is Cassington on the 24th June, another event which grows in popularity year on year, last year saw circa 7000bikes turn up, this was obviously boosted by attendance from West Middlesex TOMCC.


April 2013 report

Missed a couple of reports, so I now have bit of catching up to do. We had our AGM on March the 20th, the committee positions remain unchanged, Mick Bishop – Chairman, Gary Crosby – Treasurer, John Greenwood – Membership secretary, Mike Bowerman – Webmaster, Bill Dunn- Secretary. The only new position was Keith Ferris taking on the role of Runs Co-ordinator.

We were talking through how long we had all been members of the TOMCC, I first joined the Ilford branch back in 1975, but more impressively John Greenwood and Gary Crosby have both held committee positions with West Middlesex TOMCC for over 30 years. John rolled up last night on his Electra Glide, compared to his old Triumph it’s like comparing a leather armchair to a footstool.

Keith has already been thinking of a few runs and testing the water on people’s reactions, I’m sure things will go well as Keith was a key player in making Triumph day at the ACE cafe work, and will be again this year.

One of our more recent new members is Andy from Portugal; he now lives in Maidenhead and runs a Hinckley Triumph which looks nice.

Slagdyke was over from Majorca so we all met up on the 24th April up the ACE cafe, good to see him again, the sun is doing him good as he looks so well.

Weather has been abominable, I opened the garage door the other day just to make sure it still opens, it’s been months since I’ve had the bike out and now getting withdrawal symptoms, so could be this weekend as the its now almost tropical and the sun has been out for more than hour.

We have pencilled in what rallies as a club we will be looking to attend, I would recommend looking at our web page for details if interested, it would be nice to see a few more faces out for a blast on their bike.


March 2013 report

No report this Month

February 2013 report

No report this month

January 2013 report

A quiet month and it’s not surprising, if it’s not raining, it’s snowing and if it’s dry it’s blowing a gale.

The date for our AGM has now been set for Wednesday 20th March, with a 20:30 turn up for a 21:00hrs start, location is the North Star. Please make the effort to come along and have your say on what you want from the club.

Other events we are looking to attend as a club are:-

Somerset & Dorset TOMCC Rally 10-12th May

Welsh International Rally, Pembrokeshire 17-19th May

Surrey TOMCC BBQ & Bike show on the 1st June

Beacons TOMCC Offers Dyke Rally 19-21st July

Bristol TOMCC Concorde Rally 27-29th September

There will be other events, that we will attend but details are still awaited i.e. date for the Triumph Day at the ACE café. There is still no details as to what is happening with the North Star pub where we meet but until any decision is taken we will still meet there.

Looking forward to a long hot summer, with long hot days filled with blue skies and small white fluffy clouds drifting slowly by.



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